Tillak Kiwanda Dry Bag Review

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Tillak Kiwanda Dry Bag
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The Tillak Kiwanda dry bag is a waterproof 10L bag that’s affordable and very well-built. This 100% waterproof bag is perfect for keeping your camera, phone, and other important gear dry while you’re out for a paddle, and the twin straps give you a lot of options as far as carrying goes.

Tillak Kiwanda Paddleboarding
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The Kiwanda is constructed out of 500D PVC material, and it features durable welded seams. Tillak stands behind everything they make with a limited lifetime warranty which covers manufacturer defects.

Kiwanda Bag
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Weighing in at 12 ounces, the Kiwanda is both lightweight and durable, and it’s a great choice for paddleboarders who need a compact bag that can be trusted to keep valuables completely dry.

This is a clean, good-looking bag that comes in just one color — black. On the exterior of the Kiwanda is a convenient mesh water bottle pocket. Also located on the bag’s exterior is a zippered storage compartment that’s great for storing smaller items. While the interior of the Kiwanda is entirely waterproof, the small external zippered compartment is only water resistant.

Tillak Dry Bag
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The Kiwanda comes with twin nylon straps, which allow you to carry the bag as a backpack, over-the-shoulder bag, or messenger bag. Due to its compact size, it’s extremely comfortable to wear, regardless of whether you’re walking or paddling. Of course, it can also be easily tucked under the bungee cord storage area on your board or secured with ties.

Tillak Waterproof Bag
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SUP Dry Bag
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How to Close the Tillak Kiwanda Dry Bag

The Kiwanda features the popular roll-top closure system that’s used on many dry bags. This is a dependable, secure design that does a great job of sealing off the internal compartment of the bag, keeping your gear totally dry even when the bag is fully submersed.

Tillak Kiwanda Submersion
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After placing your items in the bag, fold the top tightly and continue rolling it down two or three times. Next, just buckle the bag in the opposite direction of the folds. The bag is now 100% waterproof.

Tillak Kiwanda Buckels
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The Kiwanda will float if excess air is allowed to remain in the bag. If that’s not important to you and you would rather compress the bag down to reduce its size, you can empty the air out of the bag by squeezing it before rolling.

Final Thoughts

This is a fantastic little dry bag that works great for paddleboarding. It’s super comfortable to carry (even while paddling), and can easily be secured to your SUP board. Of course, the versatile Kiwanda also works great for everyday carry, and I recently used it to carry my DLSR and a few lenses on an all-day outing to the zoo. The Kiwanda kept all of my gear 100% dry, despite the fact that we got hit with some heavy rain at one point during the day.

Tillak Kiwanda on Paddle Board
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At 10L, this bag doesn’t have a ton of storage space, but it’s ideal for an afternoon out on the water. The Tillak Kiwanda is perfect for bringing along your DSLR camera and lenses, a small drone, dry clothes, tablet and phone, etc. The Kiwanda is the company’s first offering, and we’d love to see some additional bag sizes (and color options) offered in the future.

Tillak Paddleboading Dry Bag
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Last but not least, we love that Tillak is a responsible company that places a high value on conservation. The company donates 25% of all proceeds to outdoor conservation projects, which is awesome.

If you’re looking for a stealthy little waterproof bag that is affordable and well-built, the Kiwanda is one that deserves serious consideration.

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