Solstice Bali Review

Solstice Bali ReviewThe Solstice Bali SUP by Swimline Corp. is a decent entry-level inflatable stand up paddle board that measures 10’8″ and weighs 34 pounds. Overall, the construction is solid and the Bali is a great board for getting your feet wet without breaking the bank.

New York-based Swimline Corp. is a family owned and operated company that has been in business since 1971. They sell a broad range of products, ranging from pool liners to inflatable stand up paddle boards.

In this Solstice Bali review, we’re go over the board’s top features, the construction and materials used, the dimensions and specs of the board, what SUP accessories come with it, and more.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
ProsVery affordable
Recommended for beginners
Fun for lighter paddlers
Includes nice assortment of SUP accessories
ConsWarranty is only 12 months
Less rigid due to 4" thickness
No bungee cord tie for storage
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Solstice Bali Review: Inflatable SUP Overview

Solstice Bali SUP ConstructionThe Solstice Bali stand up paddleboard features drop stitch construction, and is made from a 1000 Denier 3-ply PVC reinforced material. The drop stitch construction adds strength and increases rigidity, which is especially important with the Bali as the board is only 4″ thick.

The deck of the Solstice Bali features a nice EVA foam traction pad which provides good grip, and there are four stainless steel D-rings located at the board’s nose. We would have liked to see a bungee cord included with the D-rings for securing gear, but that’s easy to add on your own.

At the rear of the board, there is another stainless steel D-ring which can be used for towing or attaching a SUP leash.

Also, there is a convenient grab handle located at the center of the board which makes the Bali super easy to carry when fully inflated.

On the flip side, the Solstice Bali features the popular 2+1 fin configuration. The large center fin is removable, while the two smaller side fins are fixed.

The recommended inflation pressure for the Solstice Bali is 12-15 PSI, and we definitely suggest inflating it to the full 15 PSI for extra stiffness.Solstice Bali SUP

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Board Specs

MAX CAPACITY250 pounds

Included Solstice SUP Accessories

Solstice Bali Stand Up PaddleboardThe Solstice Bali comes with a high-pressure pump with built-in pressure gauge. There is also a mesh backpack which is convenient for transporting and storing the board, the removable center skeg, and an inflatable SUP repair kit.

We would have liked to see an adjustable aluminum paddle included, but given the low price of the Bali, it’s understandable that it wasn’t included.


Can I bring my dog on the Solstice Bali?
Absolutely! The heavy duty outer skin material is nearly indestructible and won’t be damaged by your dog’s nails. Please remember that anytime you’re bringing your dog along for a paddle, it’s very important to use a dog life vest.

Is this a good board for paddling on a lake?
Yes, the Bali would make a great lake cruiser.

What’s the best way to clean the Solstice Bali SUP?
Rinse the board off with fresh water after each use, and then make sure it’s completely dry before packing it up. Other than that, you can hit it with some mild soap and water if you need some additional cleaning power.

Additional Solstice Bali Pictures

Solstice BaliSolstice Bali Paddle Board

Final Thoughts

Solstice Bali Inflatable Paddle BoardOverall, the Solstice Bali is a decent SUP board for beginners and intermediate paddlers, as well as anyone who doesn’t have the cash to throw at a premium-priced paddle board. The construction is solid, and the board should hold up for many years if it’s well taken care of.

We like the SUP accessories that come with the Bali — the only thing that you’ll really need to pick up is a SUP paddle and a leash. The backpack is super convenient for toting the board around, and the mesh design means that moisture won’t get trapped inside the bag.

If you’re in the market for a cheap inflatable paddle board, the Solstice Bali 10’8″ is definitely one to consider.

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