SipaBoards: The Self-Inflating, Self-Propelled Paddle Board

SipaBoards Paddle BoardsSipaBoards is a super innovative new company on the SUP scene, and they're rolling out an insanely cool lineup of self-inflating and self-propelled paddle boards. Each Sipa SUP has a built-in air compressor that automatically inflates the board, saving you time and energy whenever you're ready to paddle out.

The current Sipa paddle boards lineup consists of seven iSUPs split up into two collections, the Drive collection and the Air collection. The Drive collection is their eco-friendly, electric self-propelled SUP line, and the current boards offered are the All-Rounder, Cruiser, and Fisherman. The Air collection models are the NEO Air, All-Rounder Air, Cruiser Air, and Balance Air.

Sipa paddle boards are currently available on IndieGoGo. Prices start at $640.

SipaBoards Video – How it Works

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