Paddle North SUP Dry Deck Bag Review

Paddle North Deck BagThe Paddle North SUP Dry Deck Bag is a great choice if you're looking for a paddleboarding dry bag that is well-designed and rich in features. This bag is actually two bags in one — on the outside is a durable exterior shell (not waterproof), and the inside features a 100% waterproof sack with a roll top closure system.Paddle North SUP Deck Bag Liner

Whether you have a rigid SUP or an inflatable paddle board, Paddle North's deck bag is extremely easy to attach to your board. If you have an existing bungee cord storage area, you can simply slide the bag under the bungees. Alternatively, you can secure the deck bag to your board by lashing the four tabs on the bottom of the bag to D-rings or suction cups.Paddle North Dry Bag

Paddle North Waterproof Deck Bag

Paddle North Waterproof Dry Bag

SUP Deck Bag

This is a very nice looking bag that looks great on the deck of a SUP. At this time, it's only available in gray, and the bag has black Paddle North logos on the front and on the lid.Paddle North Deck Bag Front

Paddle North SUP Deck Bag Top

Stitched to the front of the deck bag are two strips with multiple loops and D-rings for attaching accessories, and there's a bungee storage area between the two strips for stashing additional gear. On the bottom of the bag is a single lash tab.Paddle North Deck Bag Bungee Storage

Paddle North Deck Bag Lash Tab

On the back of the bag is a zippered pocket that conceals a single shoulder strap — a feature that we absolutely love and one that improves the overall versatility of the bag. Being able to throw the Paddle North deck bag over your shoulder is super convenient, and when the strap isn't needed, you can simply tuck it away out of sight.Paddle North Deck Bag Shoulder Strap

Paddle North Deck Bag Backpack

The Paddle North SUP Deck Bag measures 7″ x 12″ x 16″ and the inner roll top dry bag is big enough to keep your DSLR camera and other small accessories nice and dry. In addition to strapping the bag onto the nose of our SUP, our rigorous dry bag testing department gave it a full submersion test and the contents of the inner roll top dry bag stayed completely dry.Paddle North Deck Bag on Paddleboard

Paddle North Waterproof Deck Bag Test

Overall, this is a fantastic SUP deck bag that does exactly what it's supposed to do — keep your gear 100% dry. We really like the design of this bag and love the fact that there's a built-in shoulder strap for carrying the bag around when it's not strapped to your board.Paddle North Paddleboard Deck Bag

In addition to being a super easy bag to secure to your board, it's also nice that there are a number of loops and D-rings for attaching additional accessories. If you're looking for a quality SUP deck bag to keep your gear totally dry when you're out paddling, the Paddle North SUP Deck Bag is an excellent option.

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