Paddle Logger SUP App for iOS

Paddle Logger SUP AppPaddle Logger is a super cool SUP app for iOS that tracks and logs all of your paddling sessions. Whether you're training, exploring, or just cruising with friends, the Paddle Logger app keeps track of everything.

Paddle Logger is extremely easy to use. The app interface features a large start/stop button that allows you to start/stop your trip with a single tap. Paddle Logger also has the ability to delay the start of your trip temporarily, allowing you time to securely stash your phone before getting wet.

Paddle Logger gives you the ability to record the date and location of the session, the time, the duration, the total distance, average paddling speed, pace, and max paddling speed. You can also take photos along the way and drop pins, and it features a sweet GPS trip map which plots the exact course you took.

The app's developer David Walker did a great job on this SUP app. Highly recommended!

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