NIXY Wheeled SUP Backpack Review

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NIXY Wheeled SUP Backpack

New to the NIXY inflatable SUP lineup for 2018 is a completely revamped, premium wheeled SUP backpack. NIXY’s new iSUP backpack features top-shelf build quality and a unique design that really makes it stand out from other inflatable paddle board backpacks on the market…

NIXY Wheeled iSUP Bag Review: Backpack Overview

NIXY Wheeled Inflatable SUP Backpack Review

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Measuring 40″ x 18″ x 11″, NIXY’s new iSUP backpack is roomy enough to accommodate any normal-sized inflatable SUP, along with a pump, paddle, and other small accessories. The bag is made out of a durable nylon material and it features double-stitched seams and high quality zippers. It’s pictured here with the brand new 12’6″ NIXY Manhattan touring board.

NIXY SUP Backpack

On the front of the bag is a large external storage pocket that is big enough to hold a SUP pump, hose, leash, and other small accessories. The pocket has a nice wide opening which makes it easy to pack and unpack, and the outside of the pocket features a see-through luggage ID window.

NIXY SUP Backpack Storage Pocket

NIXY Paddle Board Backpack Pocket

NIXY iSUP Bag Luggage ID Window

On the lower right side of the bag is a large open pouch that can be used to store your SUP paddle during transport. The blade and handle slip right down into this paddle pocket and the shaft can be easily secured by using the bag’s compression straps.

NIXY Backpack Paddle Pocket

One of the nicest features about this backpack is the fact that it has three oversized, deeply grooved roller wheels located on the bottom of the bag. These super nice wheels make it so much more convenient to transport the bag, as you can just roll it around instead of having to carry it on your back. The other wheeled SUP bags on the market only have two wheels — the addition of the third wheel makes the bag easier to roll around and protects the bottom of the bag from bottoming out when going over curbs, rocks, and other obstacles.

NIXY SUP Backpack Wheels

In addition to being massive, the three wheels have deep, grooved traction which is perfect for wheeling the bag through grass, dirt, and sand…

NIXY iSUP Bag Wheels

This bag also has some of the sturdiest grab handles we’ve seen on a SUP backpack. Located on the top and left side of the pack are super comfortable, heavy duty grab handles that really make it easy to handle the bag. There’s also another plastic grab handle on the bottom of the bag and a more basic handle on the rear of the backpack next to the shoulder straps.

NIXY SUP Backpack Grab Handle

NIXY iSUP Bag Handles

NIXY Backpack Bottom Handle

NIXY Backpack Handle

NIXY Rolling iSUP Backpack

On the backside of the bag are two adjustable shoulder straps, heavily padded back cushions, and an adjustable waist belt to stabilize the bag when it’s packed out and on your back. Even when fully loaded with a board, pump, paddle, and other accessories, NIXY’s backpack offers plenty of comfort.

NIXY SUP Backpack Shoulder Straps

NIXY Backpack Cushions

NIXY Wheeled SUP Backpack

Last but not least, the main interior storage compartment has an extremely wide, clamshell opening that makes it super easy to pack and unpack your board. On the inside of the lid is a multi-layered storage pocket that is perfect for stashing fins and other small accessories, and there are additional interior compression straps for securing your gear.

NIXY SUP Backpack Pockets

Where to Buy it

We recommend buying NIXY’s brand new SUP backpack directly from the company’s official website. In addition to offering the best prices and free shipping, NIXY also provides amazing customer support and charges no sales tax on orders outside of California.

NIXY’s backpack is also available on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

NIXY has really done a fantastic job with their newly upgraded SUP backpack. This is a top-shelf, premium quality iSUP bag that ticks all the boxes when it comes to features, build quality, and comfort.

We really like the three oversized wheels that NIXY used on this backpack — they make the bag extremely easy to pull around even when fully packed with a board and lots of accessories. Also, the heavily reinforced, super comfy grab handles really come in handy whenever the bag is being carried or pulled in and out of vehicles.

NIXY includes the new iSUP backpack with all of the models in their impressive 2018 lineup. If you happened to purchase a board that didn’t come with a SUP backpack or simply want to upgrade the one you have, you’ll be happy to know that NIXY’s bag is also available separately for purchase.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the review. I have been in the market for a pack that has a waist belt and fully designed for the items needed for a backcountry isup adventure. The NIXY comes very close to meeting all the needs I expect to have while hiking along a well-trade trail to a remote lake (think Avalanche Lake, Glacier NP). My only suggestion to anybody wanting to go to the next level is to add larger “all-terrain” wheels to the bag. I am looking around now for my own solution to the problem. There are some carts that come close.
    Thanks again.

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