NIXY Newport Review | 2020

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NIXY Newport Inflatable Paddle Board

The brand new 2019/2020 NIXY Newport is a great all-around inflatable paddle board that’s lightweight and extremely stable. Measuring 10’6″ x 33″ x 6″ and weighing in at only 20 pounds, the Newport G3 is a super versatile board that’s an excellent option for paddlers of all skill levels…

NIXY’s inflatable paddle boards were significantly reworked in 2019 and feature the latest in cutting-edge fusion technology and premium features. These boards are lighter than many other inflatable SUPs on the market and can be inflated all the way to 20 PSI for incredible rigidity.

NIXY Inflatable Paddle Boards

Founded by Nicolas and Ale Szczedrin and headquartered in Irvine, CA, NIXY Sports is a company that is entirely focused on designing high-quality inflatable SUPs at affordable price points. NIXY has a manufacturer-direct marketing model that eliminates the middle man and their reduced overhead costs allow the savings to be passed on to the consumer.

In this review of NIXY’s new Newport 10’6″ iSUP, we’ll cover the board’s features, specs, pros and cons, warranty coverage, what’s in the box, where you can buy it, a special discount promotion that can save you some money, and more. For those who enjoy videos, we’ve also included several on this page including our full review, unboxing, and setup videos.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…

ProsExtremely lightweight
Very good build quality
Versatile design
Cutting-edge Fusion construction
New carbon fiber rails for added durability and stiffness
Super stable
Fun to paddle
Convenient toolless quick-release fin system
All three fins are removable for easier packing and storage
Extra D-rings for attaching a kayak seat
Front/rear grab handles
Bungee storage at nose and tail
Handy bungee paddle holder on left rail
Premium logo stamped traction pad (comfortable!)
Nice bundle of upgraded SUP accessories included
Top-shelf wheeled SUP backpack
Faster, more efficient Typhoon dual-chamber pump
Lots of color options (aqua, blue, purple, and red)
2-year warranty
30-day money back guarantee
ConsNo “action mounts” for paddlers who like to accessorize
Price & Where to Buy itCheck Price or Buy Now

NIXY Newport Review: SUP Overview

Click Here to Buy the 2020 NIXY Newport G3

The NIXY Newport is an incredibly versatile inflatable SUP that can be used for a wide variety of paddling activities. The wide 33″ profile gives it outstanding stability, making it an especially great choice for family paddling, SUP fitness, and bringing along your dog. The company also makes the 34″ wide NIXY Venice — another super stable board that was specifically designed with SUP fitness in mind.

NIXY Newport All-Around iSUP

Available this season in four colors (aqua, blue, purple, and red) as well as the limited-edition Palm design (check it out here), the Newport is an excellent iSUP for paddling in flat water conditions. It tracks well thanks to the board’s tri-fin configuration and the durable stainless steel D-rings make it easy to attach a kayak seat if you want to do some seated paddling.

NIXY Sports Inflatable Paddle Board

NIXY has made a wide range of improvements to this board and the included SUP accessory bundle, so let’s dive right in..

(*Drag slider below to compare the 2018 and 2019/2020 Newport)

2018 2019


The top deck of NIXY’s Newport G3 is covered by a premium logo stamped EVA foam traction pad. The traction pad offers excellent grip and is really comfy on the hands and feet, making it a great choice for activities like yoga and other SUP fitness workouts.

(*Hover over hotspots for additional details)

4-point front bungee storage area for stashing a dry bag, backpack, and other gear.

1 of 9

6-point bungee cargo area at the tail gives you added onboard storage capacity and a secure place to stash your gear when there’s a passenger or pup riding along at the nose.

2 of 9

Center carrying handle makes it easy to carry the Newport around when fully inflated and the removable neoprene cover allows the handle to lay flat, perfect for SUP fitness enthusiasts.

3 of 9

Front grab handle is helpful for those times when you’re pulling the board in and out of the water.

4 of 9

Convenient rear grab handle allows you to pull the board along the beach without damaging the fins.

5 of 9

D-ring at tail for quick and easy attachment of the included ankle leash.

6 of 9

D-rings along rails for attaching NIXY’s optional kayak seat kit or tying down additional gear.

7 of 9

Carbon fiber reinforced rails provide added durability and stiffness.

8 of 9

Incredibly comfortable logo stamped traction pad provides excellent grip while being easy on the hands and feet.

9 of 9

At the middle of the board is a carrying handle that’s covered by a soft neoprene grip. New in 2019, the handle cover is now removable which makes the board a lot more comfortable to sit or lay on (another great feature for SUP fitness enthusiasts).

Center Carrying Handle

Lay Flat Carry Handle

Located just behind the carrying handle along the outer edges of the deck pad are two D-rings for attaching NIXY’s optional kayak seat.

Rail D-rings

Moving to the nose of the board, you’ll find four additional D-rings and a small elastic bungee cord cargo area for convenient, onboard storage. This is a great place to stash snorkeling gear, Crocs or flip flops, a dry bag, etc.

Front Bungee Cargo Area

As with NIXY’s other iSUPs, the 10’6″ Newport model features a Halkey-Roberts inflation valve located at the nose. We really like the fact that NIXY places the air valve at the board’s nose instead of the tail — this makes it easier to roll the board over the fin boxes when it’s deflated as you just fold the board from the tail and push the excess air out at the nose.

Halkey-Roberts Inflation Valve

Also located at the nose is a brand new grab handle which is really helpful when you’re handling the board in and around the water.

At the tail of the Newport is another D-ring for attaching the included SUP leash. Also, NIXY has added a secondary rear grab handle and another 6-point bungee storage area for added onboard storage space. In addition to the added cargo capacity, this also gives you a secure place to stash your gear when there’s a passenger or pup riding along at the board’s nose.

Attaching SUP Ankle Leash

Rear Bungee Storage Area

Pulling iSUP on Beach

Both rails are reinforced this season with carbon fiber strips for increased rigidity and toughness, and there’s a new bungee paddle holder located along the left rail that you can also use to connect two NIXY boards together while on the water.

Carbon Fiber Rail

Bungee SUP Paddle Holder

On the flip side, the NIXY Newport features a triple fin setup. There are two small side fins and a large center fin, and all three fins are removable.

[2020 UPDATE] For 2020, NIXY updated their center fin box to make it easier to insert the fin and tighten the thumbscrew. This addressed an issue  in our 2019 review where we found the fin and accompanying thumbscrew a bit difficult to install.  We appreciate NIXY’s responsiveness to addressing these sorts of details.

NIXY Newport iSUP Bottom

Triple Removable Fin Setup

Having the ability to remove all three fins is really nice for a few different reasons. First of all, removing all of the fins allows you to roll the Newport up into a smaller footprint for easier packing and storage. It’s also great if you rack multiple SUPs on the roof of your vehicle as you can easily stack them on top of one another without having to worry about fins getting in the way. Lastly, the board’s removable tri-fin setup gives you a lot of added versatility as you can experiment with different configurations — tri-fin, twin fin, or single fin — you can do it all with this setup.

Rolling up NIXY Newport

NIXY SUP Roofrack

Also located along the bottom of the board is a bold, oversized NIXY logo and a final D-ring located at the nose. This is really handy for those times when you want to tether the board to a boat dock or tow it behind a boat or another SUP.

Towing D-ring


In 2018, NIXY transitioned their entire inflatable paddle board line over to ultra-lightweight fusion construction. By fusing an additional layer of liquid PVC to the Newport’s drop-stitch core, it results in dramatic weight savings and an elimination of the problems that can arise due to hand gluing errors.

NIXY FUSIONtech Construction

NIXY’s fusion-constructed inflatable SUPs are also extremely rigid due to the fact that they can be inflated all the way to 20 PSI. These boards are very lightweight and offer excellent performance thanks to their incredible stiffness.

NIXY Inflatable SUP

New in 2019, the company added carbon fiber rail reinforcements to the Newport which has resulted in a board that’s even stiffer and tougher than last year’s model.

Inflatable SUP Stiffness

Paddling Performance

On the water, the Newport G3 is a lot of fun to paddle. A board that can be enjoyed by paddlers of all experience levels, the NIXY Newport offers excellent stability and it tracks well in the water thanks to the tri-fin configuration.

Paddling SUP Fast

Another area where the Newport really shines is versatility. If you’re looking for a board that can do a lot really well, this is an excellent option as it can be used for a variety of conditions and paddling activities.

Carrying NIXY Newport SUP on Beach

The Newport’s outstanding stability, paddle holder, comfy traction pad, and removable carry handle cover all make it a great choice for yoga and SUP fitness workouts. For camping and overnight SUP excursions, the board’s dual bungee storage areas and extra D-rings give you plenty of onboard storage options for gear. It’s also an excellent choice as an all-around family board and it can easily handle whatever abuse your kids or dog can dish out.

Setup Video

Likes and Dislikes

NIXY has put a lot of thought and effort into all of the improvements made to the  Newport in 2019 and we were excited to see that they implemented our feedback from the 2018 model. From the board itself to the included accessories, nearly every aspect of this package has been upgraded and improved.


While the previous Newport was a very nice board, this new model is much more feature-rich. The addition of the front and rear grab handles are really useful in and around the water, and the dual bungee storage areas provide you with the ability to bring along a lot more gear.

Pulling NIXY Newport on Beach

We also love the new traction pad and removable carry handle cover. While seemingly small details, little things like these can make a big difference when it comes to the overall functionality and enjoyment you get from using the board.

The integration of carbon fiber strips along both rails is also a nice upgrade over last year’s Newport, further increasing stiffness and durability.

Paddling NIXY Newport Inflatable SUP

[2020 Update] As far as dislikes go, we really only had one minor gripe in 2019. The new center fin and fin box were a bit more difficult to use than the previous one and getting the fin into place and screwed down takes a little effort. With the updated center fin for 2020, this problem has largely been solved.

NIXY Newport Ratings
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Support
  • Price


Weight20 pounds
Max Capacity300 pounds

What’s Included

NIXY Newport SUP Accessory Bundle

NIXY introduced several nice changes to their SUP accessory bundle in 2019 and this year’s Newport packs more value than ever. Included with the board is a slightly updated version of last year’s wheeled roller backpack, a new 3-piece fiberglass paddle, new Typhoon double-chamber pump for faster inflation times, hybrid ankle leash, user manual, and iSUP repair kit…

Unboxing Video


Included with the Newport is NIXY’s updated roller SUP backpack. Initially introduced last season, this is a top-shelf wheeled iSUP carrying bag that is well-built and loaded with great features. While it retains the same basic design as the original version unveiled in 2018, NIXY has added some new features to the bag based on customer feedback.

NIXY Wheeled SUP Backpack

The front exterior of the bag features a large, zippered storage compartment. While it’s too small for the included pump, there’s plenty of room to store the inflation hose and other included accessories. On the outside of the storage pocket is a see-through luggage ID tag window which is great if you’re planning to fly with your board.


Also located along the bag’s exterior are compression straps and webbed loops which can be used to attach accessories…

NIXY SUP Backpack Side

Both sides of the bag feature a large, open storage pouch that you can use to hold a towel, water bottle, change of clothes, or SUP paddle. The shaft of your paddle can easily be secured using the bag’s adjustable compression straps.

The bottom of the bag features three oversized roller wheels which make it so easy to get this bag from point A to point B. The roller wheels feature a deeply grooved traction pattern which is perfect for pulling the bag through grass, sand, and dirt, and the inclusion of a third wheel prevents the middle of the bag from bottoming out and getting damaged when pulling it over curbs, rocks, and other obstacles.

NIXY Backpack Wheels

Rolling NIXY Backpack

There are three grab handles on the bag, located at the top, side, and bottom. The heavy-duty grab handles on the top and side of the backpack are heavily padded and super comfortable. The bottom grab handle is made out of durable plastic and is convenient for pulling the bag in and out of the car.

[2020 Update] For 2020, NIXY updated the handle positions on the backpack making it even easier to carry or pull.

Putting NIXY Bag in Vehicle

The shoulder straps on NIXY’s backpack are padded and fully adjustable, and this year the company stitched looped attachment points and plastic D-rings to the front of them which can be used to attach small accessories with a carabiner. The pack also has an adjustable sternum strap and waist belt for stabilizing the bag when it’s on your shoulders, and there’s a new Velcro storage area which can be used to tuck the straps neatly away and out of sight.

NIXY Carrying Bag Back

NIXY Backpack Straps

Wearing NIXY SUP Backpack


NIXY also includes a floating, 3-piece travel paddle with the Newport. The paddle has been completely overhauled this season, featuring a lightweight fiberglass shaft (vs. last season’s heavier aluminum model) and larger blade design. The blade’s thin design makes it extremely light, yet it offers excellent rigidity thanks to the raised supports running along the front of it.

NIXY SUP Paddle Blade

SUP Paddle Blade Rigidity

Typhoon Double-Chamber Pump

Another big improvement made to NIXY’s SUP accessory package this season is the pump. Gone is the previously-included BRAVO single chamber pump — the Newport now comes with the Typhoon, a double-chamber triple-action pump that makes the inflation process much faster and easier than before.

NIXY Typhoon SUP Pump

Weighing in at 3.81 pounds, the new Typhoon pump features an Action Control dial on the back which allows you to quickly and easily change the pump’s settings. When you begin to inflate the Newport, just turn the dial to mode #1 — this will rapidly add air to your deflated board. Once pumping becomes more difficult, you can switch the mode to #2 and lastly to mode #3 to finish inflating the board. While the Newport can be inflated all the way to 20 PSI, we find that 15 PSI provides more than enough rigidity.

Double Chamber iSUP Pump

Pumping Up NIXY Newport

Lastly, there’s a convenient built-in pressure gauge located on the top of the pump’s handle which tells you exactly how much air is in your board at all times during the inflation process.

Typhoon iSUP Pump Pressure Gauge


Last season, NIXY began to include SUP leashes with all of their boards. It’s great to see more companies actively promoting SUP safety and they’ve once again bundled a nice leash in with their 2019 iSUPs.

SUP Ankle Leash

The included leash features a hybrid design with a durable coiled cord. There’s a comfortable neoprene ankle cuff, dual metal swivels at both ends to prevent tangles, and a built-in key storage pocket which is very handy.

Shoulder Carry Strap

NIXY Shoulder Carrying Strap

Another new addition to NIXY’s accessory bundle this season is an adjustable shoulder carrying strap. This strap is extremely lightweight and quickly connects to the D-rings along the top deck of the Newport for added convenience.

NIXY Newport Shoulder Strap

When carrying the inflated board with this strap, we found it best to position the top deck of the board against your body and the SUP’s underside facing out. Using this strap frees up your hands to carry other gear.

[2020 Update] In our 2019 review, we mentioned that we wished that the underside of the strap was grippier to help it stay in place. Well, for 2020 NIXY fixed that! The new strap has a non-slip texture for better grip and they narrowed the padded part of the strap a bit to better fit on more shoulders.

Repair Kit & User Manual

iSUP Repair Kit

Last but not least, NIXY includes a user manual and an inflatable paddle board repair kit. The repair kit comes with a valve wrench and three PVC patches.

Optional Add-ons

In addition to their lineup of inflatable SUPs, NIXY Sports also has a growing range of paddling accessories. While the following isn’t included with the Newport, it’s available as an optional add-on (and we highly recommend it)…

NIXY Elite Electric iSUP Pump


While the new Typhoon dual-chamber pump is a lot faster and easier to use than last year’s BRAVO pump, nothing beats an electric paddle board pump when it comes to overall convenience. NIXY’s Elite 12V DC electric iSUP pump is extremely easy to use, delivers great performance, and comes with an awesome carrying bag to keep everything together.

To inflate the Newport with NIXY’s electric pump, you simply plug it in to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter adapter (or attach it directly to the battery with the included alligator clips), set the dial to your desired PSI, and press “On”. The entire inflation process is fully automated and there’s even an auto-shutoff safety feature that will turn the pump off once the desired pressure has been reached.

To read our full review of NIXY’s electric paddle board pump, click here.


NIXY backs all of their inflatable SUPs up with a full 2-year warranty which covers any manufacturer defects. They also throw in a 30-day money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck with a board that doesn’t meet your expectations.

Where to Buy it + Discount

Carrying NIXY Newport

You can buy the new NIXY Newport direct through the company’s official website. NIXY’s website always has the lowest prices and the company offers free shipping, a 30-day money back guarantee, and no sales tax on orders outside of California. They also provide excellent customer support, both before and after a sale is made.

Final Thoughts

We’re very impressed with NIXY’s new 2019 inflatable SUP lineup and the Newport is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a great all-around board that can pretty much do it all. This isn’t the fastest board in the water (be sure to check out our NIXY Manhattan review if speed is your thing), but it glides well and offers an extremely stable platform for a wide variety of paddling activities.

One of the first things that you’ll notice when picking the Newport up is just how lightweight this board is. The Newport weighs in at only 20 pounds — a huge weight reduction when compared to many other inflatable SUPs. In addition to the impressive weight savings offered by their FUSIONtech construction process, the Newport can also handle higher inflation pressures if you have a need for added stiffness.

And with the refinements NIXY made for the 2020 season, they’ve addressed practically every nit-picky issue we could find in 2019.

All in all, the updated Newport is perfect for anyone who is looking for an extremely lightweight, rigid, and affordable inflatable SUP. This feature-rich board is really fun on the water and it’s a great option if you’re planning to paddle with your dog or children.

Click Here to Buy the 2020 NIXY Newport G3


  1. This is a wonderful article! However, after reading I am stuck between an iRocker All Around 11 ($555 shipped) and the Nixy Newport ($635 shipped). I am 5’4″ 150lb female and will occasionally have a passenger and or gear with me. Will using this primarily for lakes and reservoirs. With the given prices I can buy these 2 models new at, which do you recommend? I have rented a few times in the past but now want my own setup 🙂



      Hey Natalie! That’s a great price on the iROCKER ALL-AROUND 11′. Both boards would work well for you, so you just have to decide if the additional things included with the Newport justify the current price difference. The Newport gives you a better backpack, shoulder carrying strap, carbon fiber reinforced rails, dual bungee storage areas, front/rear grab handles, and a paddle holder along the rail. The ALL-AROUND 11′ includes child safety handles at the nose and an integrated GoPro accessory mount.

  2. This is a great article. I am now confused. I am a female, 5’9″ and 166 pounds. I am a beginner. Should I get the irocker cruiser, the nixy newport or the blackfin x?


      Hi Susan! Thanks for the nice comment…

      All three of the boards that you mentioned are excellent for beginners and come with a great warranty (2 years). The BLACKFIN Model X is the most stable, followed by the iROCKER CRUISER and then the Newport. At the current selling prices, I’d say the Newport offers the most value.

      Here is a summary of the key differences between the boards:

      -GoPro mount: Included with the Model X and CRUISER
      -Pump: All three boards come with the exact same pump
      -Paddle: BLACKFIN’s carbon fiber paddle wins
      -Backpack: The BLACKFIN and NIXY bags are comparable
      -Carbon rails: Model X and Newport
      -Kids’ handles: Model X and CRUISER
      -Dual bungee storage: Model X and Newport
      -Shoulder carry strap: Newport

      The best thing to do is prioritize what is most important to you and then go with the board that ticks the most boxes.

      I hope that helps, Susan! If you’ve got any other questions, just let me know and I’ll do my best to assist.

      • This is a great review – thanks for providing souch detail. Do you think the Newport is appropriate for ocean use and light surf?

        I’m an experienced flat water (lake and river) paddler, and have done some surfing but have some shoulder issues and want to tinker with SUP surf in the future. 5’7″, 160 lb female in case that matters. 🙂


          Hi Jen! Thanks for the nice comment.

          Yes, the Newport will do just fine in both of the scenarios that you asked about. It’s an excellent all-around board that you can do a lot with.

          Hope that helps. Happy paddling…

  3. Great review. My head is spinning, so many choices. Everytime I think I have narrowed down my choices, you throw in another option. I’m 5’10” and 170lbs, looking for a fun, fast board for mainly flat but also ocean. I have considered 11 irocker all round and sport, Thurso Waterwalker 11 and now the Nixy!!! I’m not a beginner, but looking to buy a board that will last me for a few years at least. Can you let me know which of the boards I’m looking at are the fastest and which of the boards I’ll take a stand and say that the irocker all round 11 may be the best all round board, but the sport is likely to be faster. I noticed that the Nixy is not only the shortest board but it is also the widest. How does this affect it’s speed and maneuverability compared to my other choices. If it was your cash, what would your first choice be? Thanks.


      Hi Greg, thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, there are definitely a lot of great choices right now if you’re in the market for a new iSUP — while this can make it harder to choose, having a variety of great options is a good problem to have.

      Wider boards offer additional stability but they’re typically a little slower and can sometimes make it more difficult to paddle while maintaining proper technique. Personally, I don’t find this to be an issue with the Newport which is 33″ wide — the differences become much more noticeable at 35″-36″+.

      If speed is number one on your priority list, I’d personally choose the iROCKER SPORT 11′ or even step things up and go with a larger touring model. While you’ll sacrifice some versatility and maneuverability, touring SUPs are a ton of fun for just cruising around. If you need specific recommendations as far as that goes, just let me know.

      Hope that helps, Greg.

      • Indeed that helps. Thanks. I’m curious to hear about your touring isup recommendations now.


          It’s my pleasure, Greg. I realized after I replied that I probably just made your decision even more difficult by mentioning the touring option, but I think that’s worth a look based on how you’ll be using the board.

          There are three really great options that I’d recommend for 2019. They’re all affordable, have great warranties, and come loaded with features: the BLACKFIN Model V, THURSO Expedition, and NIXY Manhattan (stay tuned on this, I’ll have a full review of the 2019 version up next week).

          • Hello! Checking in to see when you will be publishing your NIXY Manhattan 2019 review. I am leaning towards this board but might choose one of the other touring boards you reviewed and mentioned above after your review :). Looking for something that tracks well (so interested how the triple vs single fin options impact this – I have used sups with both but never inflatable) and is fun to paddle distances on flat and choppy (mostly) lake water. Also, interested in the ability to change to kayak – all seem to have this, but have you tried them? Is it worth it? Do they compare equally? Thank you so much!!


            Hi Lynn! Thanks a lot for your comment…

            Our review of the 2019 Manhattan will be live this week. No issues with tracking whatsoever on the board and attaching a kayak seat is always a nice option to have as it gives you added versatility. Needless to say, it doesn’t provide the exact same experience as paddling a kayak but it’s still a lot of fun, particularly if you enjoy seated paddling.

  4. Hey Jason, I appreciate all reviews that you post. They have helped me narrow down boards based on features I find important. I was looking at the Blackfin line and thought I made my mind up until I saw this board and review. Front and rear handles are something I want and are absent on many boards. I know they are at different price points but I am wondering your opinion on durability. Triple vs double ply comes with weight difference but does it affect durability? Also they have the same warranty but how do these stack up in terms of quality. Is it just that the Nixy line is comparable to the iRocker line and the Blackfin is a little more premium in that it has a carbon paddle? Also, I will also be checking these as luggage for trips if that would change your recommendations. Would appreciate your thoughts.


      Hi Kevin, thanks for your nice comment. For 2019, I would say that the NIXY Newport is probably more comparable to the BLACKFIN Model X than iROCKER’s CRUISER in terms of features and pricing. NIXY has added a lot of premium upgrades to their boards this year and also improved their accessory bundle, bringing them more in line with what the BLACKFIN SUP range offers. Also, NIXY’s MSRP pricing this season is definitely closer to the BLACKFIN SUP range, with iROCKER’s normal line coming in at a lower price point.

      Performance-wise, the Newport is very similar to iROCKER’s CRUISER model while the BLACKFIN Model X kicks things up a notch in the stability department. The Newport and CRUISER are both 10’6″ x 33″ x 6″ — the Model X measures 10’6″ x 35″ x 6″.

      In terms of durability, I’ve never experienced any issues with boards made by NIXY or iROCKER (including their BLACKFIN line) and both companies offer solid warranties.

      Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any of the above boards in my opinion. They all offer excellent value, great features, and a solid bundle of accessories. I would prioritize what’s most important to you (taking into account things such as price, weight, features, performance, aesthetics, etc.) and then choose the one that best satisfies those requirements.

      I hope that’s helpful, Kevin. If you have any other questions, just let me know and I’ll do my best to help…

  5. Hello Jason. I have been researching inflatables for a while and wanted to ask for your advise. I am 5’10 195 pounds and live in Puerto Rico so I will be using it mostly in the ocean. My main concern is that the board can stand heat. I like both the Thurso 10.6 and the Nixy Newport. For what I understand in terms of extras Nixy has a better bag and Thurso has a better paddle plus a cooler. In terms of board quality Nixy can stand 20psi but can be used at 15psi. Will this fact make it a better choice for hot climate since heat expands air? Or, are the boards the same quality and the Thurso price and extras make it a better option? Thank you in advance.


      Hi Luigi, thanks for your comment…

      The NIXY Newport does in fact come with a nicer bag and it’s a lighter board as far as weight goes, whereas the THURSO includes a carbon shaft paddle and SUP deck bag. Also, the NIXY feels a bit more stable due to an extra 2″ of width.

      Both are fun boards with excellent 2-year warranties, and I think they would do perfectly fine in Puerto Rico’s climate (assuming you care for them properly and don’t leave them out in the hot sun for extended periods of time). I’m in Panama in a similar climate and have had absolutely no issues with either board.

      As you mentioned, the 2018 NIXY boards can be inflated up to 20 PSI but I think it’s a great idea to stick to a lower inflation pressure as it’ll allow extra room for expansion. 15 PSI is sufficient and the board performs perfectly fine at that pressure.

      I hope this helps, Luigi. If you have any other questions, just let me know and I’ll do my best to assist.

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