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Naish Nalu 10'6" Inflatable SUP
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Backed by decades of experience, Naish is a well-known brand when it comes to boardsports. So far, their venture into the inflatable SUP world has been up to par with their excellent reputation. This holds true for the Naish Nalu 10’6” inflatable, an iSUP that’s designed for paddling in flat water but holds up well in small surf. This is an all-around board that will work well for a variety of paddling activities and in various conditions (women and lighter paddlers should also check out the 5″ thick Naish Alana 10’6″ X32 inflatable).

The Nalu measures 10’6” x 32” x 6”, giving it a total volume of 270 liters. This iSUP has a total passenger capacity of 220 pounds which is enough for your gear or bringing along a small passenger. Quite impressive is the fact that the Nalu 10’6” only weighs 20.5 pounds, giving it that extra performance boost when cruising around or catching small waves.

With its wide profile, the Naish Nalu 10’6” is an exceptionally stable paddle board that’s perfect for beginners. While it performs quite well in a variety of water conditions, advanced paddlers who want to go faster or paddle longer distances may prefer the Naish ONE 12’6” inflatable. If you want an iSUP that can carry more passengers or gear, you can also check out the larger Naish Nalu 11’6″ iSUP which is the big brother of the 10’6”.

Keeping the lightweight characteristic of the 10’6” is the single-layer construction reinforced by double stringers and an X-weave drop stitch. This innovative build technique helps evenly distribute the tension across the board, allowing the Nalu 10’6” to achieve an impressive stiffness-to-weight ratio. With very stiff top and bottom skins, the paddling efficiency of this iSUP is designed to be top-notch.

Special attention was also given to the stance area where additional structural reinforcement was built in to reduce buckling.

For their new generation of iSUPs, Naish has focused on enhancing stiffness. The Nalu 10’6” is rated with Naish’s standardized stiffness rating of 5.4. In addition to the upgraded drop-stitch technique, this enhanced stiffness is made possible by a high-pressure rating that allows the 10’6” to be inflated to 21 psi. At this pressure, the iSUP is going to feel nearly as stiff as a composite board with comparable performance and paddling efficiency.


Weight20.5 pounds
Volume270 L
Max Capacity220 pounds

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The rails of the paddle board are built with a double layer of PVC material, which contributes to the stiffness while providing top-of-the-line durability and longevity.

The latest iteration of the Naish Nalu 10’6” iSUP features a universal US fin box that allows for interchangeable fin setups. Fins can be easily installed with a tool-less butterfly screw. Inflatable paddle boards that utilize a US fin box also allow you to slide the fin forward or backward, giving you the ability to prioritize between tracking and maneuverability. The 10’6” only comes with a single fin but you can always swap it out with any fin that’s compatible with the US fin box.

The deck of the 10’6” is made from impact-resistant PVC and the traction pad features a crocodile skin texture for maximum surface contact and grip. At the middle of the deck is a carrying handle. There are other grab handles at the nose and the tail, making it easier to pull the board out of the water in any orientation. The rear carrying handle also features a D-ring which can be used as a tether point for the ankle leash.

If you need to bring along gear and supplies, then the cargo area at the nose of the SUP should provide more than enough space. This is a standard cargo area with a bungee cord running through four stainless steel D-rings.

One more thing we haven’t mentioned is the fact that the Nalu 10’6” looks great. As with other Naish paddleboards, the aesthetic of the Nalu 10’6” leans towards a sleeker and sportier look. While the design is sure to turn a few heads, it also has virtually the same design as the Naish Glide, Maliko, and Crossover lines. If you want an iSUP that’ll make you stand out visually, then we suggest taking a look at the Naish ONE 12’6” or the Naish ONE Alana 12’6”.

Overall, the Naish Nalu 10’6” is an excellent all-around iSUP that doesn’t disappoint in performance. It’s great for beginners because of its stability and ease of use but is also a solid choice for advanced paddlers.

The Naish Nalu 10’6” comes with the following accessories:

  • Carrying bag
  • Dual flow pump
  • Repair kit

Naish stands behind their gear and guarantees that all of their inflatable SUPs are free from manufacturing defects. Naish includes a 1-year warranty with their iSUPs for added peace of mind.


Flat water, all-around, surfing small waves


Carrying bag, dual-action pump, repair kit



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May 16, 2021

Nice board!


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