Naish Glide 14’0″ X30 Fusion Review | 2019

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Naish Glide 14' Fusion
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SUP Overview

Naish has been in the SUP industry for a long time and their latest generation of iSUPs, which includes the Glide inflatable 14’0” X30 Fusion, proves that they’re still very much in the game. The Glide 14’ Fusion is designed for the paddler who wants to go further. It’s a performance-oriented inflatable touring paddle board that’s built to deliver maximum paddling efficiency needed for longer excursions.

Measuring 14’ x 30” x 6”, the Glide 14′ Fusion is a long and narrow board with a streamlined profile designed for speed. As its name implies, this iSUP achieves better efficiency with a smoother glide and an effortless paddling experience. While the Glide 14’0″ X30 Fusion isn’t the fastest inflatable SUP from Naish this season (the Naish Maliko Inflatable 14’ has it beat in that department), it was designed to be a bit more user-friendly.

What sets the Glide inflatable 14’0″ X30 apart from the Maliko 14’ is the much wider profile. While this does slow the Glide down a bit, it also means that it has better stability and a much higher passenger capacity rating (265 pounds). If you intend on using the Glide 14’ X30 Fusion for touring, then the added capacity will surely come in handy. Surprising for its size, the Glide 14’ only weighs 25 pounds, making this is one lean, fast iSUP.

The Naish Glide 14’0″ X30 is constructed using advanced fusion technology which bonds a double-layer of solid polymer to the board’s inner drop-stitch core. This construction method gives Naish’s inflatable SUPs outstanding stiffness and durability while still keeping things lightweight. A double layer of PVC runs across the board’s rails, further enhancing overall stiffness and also preventing damage which can be caused by rocks and other hard objects.


Weight25 pounds
Volume327 L
Max Capacity265 pounds

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The combination of top-notch materials and construction technique has given the Glide 14’0″ X30 a high inflation pressure rating of 21 PSI. While not the highest in the industry, this inflation pressure is on the higher end of the spectrum as far as iSUPs are concerned, and the extra stiffness improves performance to a level that is very comparable to composite boards. Naish has given the Glide 14’0″ X30 Fusion a standardized stiffness rating of 5.8, which isn’t their highest but it’s still pretty impressive.

An innovative feature of the Glide 14’0″ X30 is the Hydroslick edge at the rear of the board. Basically a piece of low-friction plastic, this edge promotes a cleaner release of water at the tail, reducing drag and increasing paddling efficiency. When you encounter choppy water, the slight rocker at the nose should also help to keep things under control.

The double-density EVA foam deck pad has two surface types: a diamond groove texture at the main stance area for better traction and a crocodile skin texture on the remainder of the main deck. The variation in surface texture helps you know if your stance is off without looking down at the board.

There are three carrying handles on the Glide 14’0″ X30 Fusion — one located at the center of the deck, and two others at the nose and tail for handling the iSUP in and around the water. The two grab handles along the rails are a pleasant surprise for a touring board like the Glide 14’0″ X30 Fusion, as they help with stabilization whenever things get choppy.

Driving home the long-distance touring design of the Glide 14’0″ X30 is the expanded cargo space at both the front and rear areas of the board. The front cargo area is particularly generous and should provide enough space for most of the supplies needed for a multi-day excursion.

The Glide 14’0″ X30 features a US fin box and race fin. For tool-less installation, the fin comes with a butterfly screw. Naish has also thrown in a Philips head screw for the fin which reduces drag and gives you a slight performance boost.

When you purchase the Naish Glide inflatable 14’0″ X30 Fusion, you’ll receive the following accessories:

  • Wheeled backpack
  • Double-action hand pump
  • iSUP repair kit

Naish is a solid company that stands behind their gear and they guarantee their inflatable paddle boards to be free from manufacturing defects for 1-year.


Flatwater, touring, long-distance paddling, multi-day expeditions


Wheeled backpack, double-action hand pump, iSUP repair kit



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Naish Glide 14' Fusion iSUP
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