iROCKER CRUISER – 2020 Update Preview

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The popular iROCKER CRUISER SUP has received a number of great improvements for 2020 and in this post, we’ll review all of the upgrades made to the model this season…

iROCKER SUP’s third inflatable paddle board model, the 10’6″ CRUISER is one of the best inflatable paddle boards and it continues to get better with each update. Originally introduced in March of 2017, the iROCKER CRUISER is an ideal board for beginners through advanced paddlers and its outstanding versatility makes it an excellent choice for a wide variety of water conditions and paddling activities.

In this post, we’ll discuss all of the exciting changes made to the board for 2020. For a more in-depth look at this SUP, be sure to check out our detailed iROCKER CRUISER review.

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2019/2020 iROCKER CRUISER Comparison

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Weight25 pounds
Max Capacity400 pounds

What's New for 2020

One of the things that we love about iROCKER’s inflatable paddle boards is the fact that they continually get better each year with newly introduced features and upgrades. This season, the CRUISER has been redesigned with fresh new graphics, updated color options, lighter weight construction, more premium features, and better accessories.

Updated Graphics

The first thing you’ll notice about the 2020 iROCKER CRUISER is the stunning new design. Featuring high-quality, digitally-printed graphics, the new CRUISER looks even better than last year’s model and we particularly like the design changes made to the bottom of the board and the rails. The 2020 CRUISER definitely has a more “premium” look to it this season.

New Color Options

Another nice update to the CRUISER this season are new color options. For 2020, iROCKER is offering the board in six eye-catching colors:

  • Teal
  • Green
  • Seafoam Green
  • Orange
  • White
  • Gray

Triple-Layer Construction (20% Lighter)

iROCKER made the jump to an ultra-durable quad-layer PVC construction two seasons ago, and while the boards were bombproof, they were a bit on the heavy side. This year, the company has upgraded the 10’6″ CRUISER with the same triple-layer composite PVC construction that they switched their premium BLACKFIN SUPs over to last season. The result is a lighter weight board that is just as tough and rigid as last year’s model.

Upgraded Premium Features

iROCKER’s inflatable SUPs are some of the most feature-rich inflatables on the market, and they’ve upgraded the 2020 CRUISER with even more options.

This season, the iROCKER CRUISER comes with two GoPro action mounts at the nose that can be used to secure an action camera, fishing rod holder, waterproof speaker, and more. also positioned at the board’s nose are two child safety handles, a D-ring for towing or tethering, and a brand new grab handle.

iROCKER has also added a second bungee cargo area at the tail of the board for added storage capacity as well as a rear set of safety handles for paddling around small kids.

Also added to the tail this season are two additional action mounts which can be used to mount another action camera or other accessories.

The new iROCKER CRUISER also features an upgraded EVA foam traction pad. Embossed into the deck pad are two different versions of the iROCKER logo which is a nice premium touch that you typically only see on boards costing nearly twice as much.

Lastly, iROCKER transitioned all of their regular iSUPs over to white fins this season – a cosmetic change that looks great in our opinion.

Improved SUP Accessory Bundle

The iROCKER CRUISER packages have always packed a ton of value. Like the board, the accessory bundle has also received a makeover this year, with improvements made to both the paddle and backpack. New for 2020, the CRUISER now ships with a lightweight carbon fiber blend paddle and an upgraded SUP carry bag that features tons of zippered pockets (including one at the top that’s designed to hold the company’s new compact electric pump), a front bungee cargo area for stashing your jacket or towel, a striking new design that’s color-coded to match your board, and mesh pockets on both sides of the pack for increased storage. iROCKER also has a brand new wheeled backpack tray that’s available as an optional add-on accessory and it will turn your iROCKER CRUISER pack into a roller bag.

In addition to these upgraded items, the CRUISER once again includes a color-coded leash, dual-chamber triple-action Typhoon hand pump, repair kit, user guide, and iROCKER SUP sticker pack.

Extended Warranty Now Available

While the CRUISER still includes iROCKER’s rock-solid 2-year warranty, the company is going to begin offering an extended warranty option in 2020. When checking out, you’ll now have the option of buying extended warranty coverage which will cover your board for a total of  3 years from the date of purchase.

Price & Where to Buy

The brand new iROCKER CRUISER is now on sale at the company’s official online store. iROCKER SUP offers the lowest prices on all of their inflatable paddle boards and they’re currently running a special sale that will save you even more money on the new 2020 model (just click the link above to check the price and take advantage of the promotion, no coupon code is needed).

Additionally, iROCKER is sweetening the deal even further right now by throwing in FREE expedited shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Our iROCKER CRUISER Review Videos

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