Florida Paddle Boarding Guide: The Best Places to Paddle Board in Florida (Free Download)

Florida Paddle Boarding GuideAnnouncing, our brand new Florida SUP guide…

In the Florida Paddle Boarding Guide, we’ll take a look at 20 of the sunshine state’s top spots for stand up paddle boarding. You’ll discover where to go in the state of Florida for unbelievable paddling, as well as exactly who to contact while you’re there for an amazing time!

It’s no secret that Florida is a prime destination for stand up paddle boarding — from pristine beaches to wildlife-filled rivers, Florida truly is a paddle boarder’s dream.

If going paddle boarding in Florida is something that you’ve always dreamed of, or if you’re in the process of planning your next vacation, this 62 page .pdf guide is a must have…

Click Here to Download the Florida Paddle Boarding Guide

Did you know? In addition to the fact that Florida is well-known for its wide variety of beautiful SUP spots, the state is also home to a number of companies that manufacture inflatable SUPs such as iRocker, YOLO, and BOTE.