BLACKFIN Model X SUP: Big Changes | 2020

BLACKFIN Model X Top Deck

One of iROCKER SUP’s best-selling paddle boards since its launch two seasons ago, the 10’6″ BLACKFIN Model X has been dramatically upgraded for 2020 with a stunning new design and added features…

The BLACKFIN Model X is one of the first two boards released by iROCKER when they launched the premium inflatable paddle board range in 2018. An all-around SUP that was designed to deliver extreme stability, it has quickly become one of the most popular models in iROCKER’s lineup.

In this write-up, we’ll discuss all of the changes iROCKER has made to the Model X for 2020. If you’re looking for a more in-depth look at the board, please read our in-depth BLACKFIN Model X review for additional info.

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    2019/2020 BLACKFIN Model X Comparison

    2019 2020


    Weight27 pounds
    Max Capacity450 pounds

    What's New for 2020

    In terms of changes for 2020, iROCKER has updated the design, introduced new color options, added features, switched out the center fin box, and improved the included accessory package. The BLACKFIN Model X still features the same shape and dimensions as last season and iROCKER has once again gone with their triple-ply PVC composite construction.

    New Design

    The Model X sports a brand new design this year, with updated digitally-printed graphics. Ever since the model’s release, we’ve loved the overall design of the board and this season is no different. The new Model X has an aggressive appearance and looks stunning in person.

    Additional Colors

    iROCKER has introduced new color options this season, and the BLACKFIN Model X is now available in the following colorways:

    • White
    • Blue
    • Teal

    All three colors look nice, but our preference is the Blue and Teal boards — two of the nicest looking inflatable paddle boards out right now.

    Upgraded Features

    The BLACKFIN Model X has always been loaded with premium features, but iROCKER took things to another level this season with the addition of seven new Action Mounts, two fishing rack mounts, and rail mounts with a nylon webbed loop for using a push pole or sand spear. Obviously, the fishing rack mounts and sand spear integration is huge news for anglers, making the 2020 BLACKFIN Model X one of this year’s best fishing paddle boards.

    iROCKER also updated the traction pad this season with a new design and extended it a bit at the rear of the board, providing additional coverage.

    Last but not least, two more stainless steel D-rings have been added to the tail of the Model X which has resulted in a larger bungee cargo area with added storage capacity.

    Center Flip-Lock Fin

    A big surprise this year was iROCKER’s change to a Flip-Lock center fin. Gone is the original center US fin box and all BLACKFIN SUPs now use the same fin setup as iROCKER’s other boards. We asked the company why they decided to make the switch this season and they felt that their customers preferred the convenience of the Flip-Lock system over the slightly more cumbersome screw and washer system used by the US fin box.

    As far as fins go, the only difference now between the BLACKFIN paddle boards and iROCKER’s other paddle boards is color — all iROCKER fins are now white, while the BLACKFIN SUPs retain their black fins.

    Accessory Package Improvements

    The BLACKFIN Model X also comes with an improved accessory bundle for 2020. It now ships with a full carbon shaft paddle that features a sleeker, lighter weight blade that’s color-coded with the board.

    The BLACKFIN SUP backpack has also been nicely updated for 2020. iROCKER added a front bungee cargo area which is great for securing your towel or jacket. Like the paddle blade, the bags are now color-coded with the boards and big improvements have been made in the organization department — plenty of zippered pockets and side mesh pouches as well as a Velcro pocket on the back for stashing small accessories. On the top of the bag, iROCKER also added a large zippered pocket which is designed to hold their new compact electric pump — a well-thought out feature that impressed us.

    Lastly, the pump hose has been upgraded with a thicker, more pliable material.

    Price & Where to Buy

    The 2020 BLACKFIN Model X is now available and on sale at iROCKER’s official online store. In addition to offering the best prices and outstanding customer service, the company is also throwing in FREE expedited shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee this season on all SUP purchases.

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