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Top Picks for Best SUP Hand Pumps Compared
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Pumping up an inflatable SUP is typically the least favorite aspect of iSUP ownership, and in this SUP pump buyer’s guide, we’ll give you the three best paddle board pumps to consider if you’re looking for a faster, easier way to inflate your board…

Whether your old pump bit the dust or you’re simply looking to upgrade, the iSUP pumps recommended in our list are sure to make your life a lot easier. Aside from an electric paddle board pump, these high-performance hand pumps are the next best option and we’ll give you a full breakdown of how they perform as well as what type of paddler each one is best for.

As part of our review process, we performed timed inflation tests on a 150 L inflatable paddle board (the exact board used was THURSO SURF’s Prodigy youth SUP, in case you’re wondering). Since fatigue can have an influence on testing results, we attempted to minimize this by using a smaller board with a lower volume capacity.

So without any further ado, let’s get to the pumps…

Best SUP Hand Pumps — Comparison Chart

GRI H6 Pump
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1:36 (150 L, 15 psi)3.81 lbsDoubleTriple, Inflate only
Bravo SUPer Pump
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1:45 (150 L, 15 PSI)2.67 lbsSingleDouble, Inflate/Deflate
Bravo 101 Pump
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1:44 (150 L, 15 PSI)2.37 lbsSingleDouble, Inflate only

Manual SUP Pump Reviews

GRI HP6 Pump

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The heaviest and bulkiest iSUP pump on our list, the 3.81-pound GRI HP6 is a double-chamber triple-action model that performed the best in our timed inflation tests. Introduced this season as an update to GRI’s HP5 pump, the HP6 is faster, lighter, and easier to use than its predecessor.

GRI HP6 iSUP Pump Weight
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The HP6 was able to inflate our 150-liter test iSUP in the least amount of time, coming in at just 1 minute, 36 seconds.

GRI HP6 Action Control Dial
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As mentioned, this is a triple-action pump and on the rear is an easy-to-use Action Control dial. When you initially begin to inflate your board, you’ll turn the dial to setting #1 which will rapidly add air to your iSUP on the upstrokes and downstrokes using both chambers. Once the pumping becomes more difficult, simply turn the dial to setting #2 and the pump will continue adding air on the upstrokes and downstrokes but will only utilize a single chamber. Last but not least, setting #3 only adds air to your board on the downstrokes and once again makes use of just one chamber.

GRI HP6 Pump Hose
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Included with the HP6 pump is a flexible inflation hose that attaches to the top of the handle — a slight drawback to this pump’s design. The fact that the hose is attached to the pump’s handle places additional stress on the hose and its connection to the board’s inflation valve. It’s not a huge deal and we’ve never had any problems, but it’s something worth mentioning.

GRI HP6 Handle
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The handle also features a built-in pressure gauge that makes it very easy to monitor the amount of air in your board during the inflation process.

As mentioned, the HP6 is the bulkiest and heaviest pump on our list. It’s also the most expensive. If overall performance trumps cost and size, this is the pump to get. Private-labeled versions of the GRI HP6 can be purchased directly from iROCKER or NIXY.


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Next up is Scoprega’s BRAVO SUPer pump. This is a fantastic pump that comes in at a lower price point than the HP6 and it’s our recommended pump if you’re looking for a nice blend of performance and packability.

BRAVO SUPer SUP Pump Weight
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The BRAVO SUPer pump weighs in at 2.67 pounds and in addition to the pump’s lower weight, it also offers a much smaller footprint thanks to the slimmer single-chamber design and removable handle extensions.

BRAVO SUPer iSUP Pump Handles
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Performance-wise, the SUPer inflated our test board in 1 minute, 45 seconds. In addition to inflation, this pump can also deflate your board which gives you the ability to pack your iSUP down into the smallest form possible.

Bravo SUPer Action Switch
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On the back of the pump is a switch that allows you to easily flip back and forth from double-action to single-action mode. Initially, you’ll enable double-action mode which adds air to your inflatable SUP on the up and downstrokes. Then, you can flip the mode switch to single-action when pumping becomes difficult and it will only add air on the downstrokes.

Bravo SUPer Hose Attachments
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Included with the BRAVO SUPer is a very high-quality inflation hose, extra rubber washers, and two handle extenders.

Bravo SUPer Handle
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Located on the top of the pump’s handle is a pressure gauge which goes all the way to 29 PSI. Lastly, the inflation port on the SUPer is located on the main body of the pump which means that the hose won’t get jostled around while you’re inflating your board.

If you’re looking for a high-performance hand pump that is lightweight and easy to pack in your iSUP backpack, the BRAVO SUPer is our top pick. In addition to the fact that it performs well and is very easy to use, the SUPer is affordably priced and also provides deflation functionality to boot — something that the other pumps on our list don’t offer.

BRAVO 101 Pump

BRAVO 101 Paddle Board Pump
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Last but not least is the BRAVO 101 SUP pump. This is another single-chamber pump that performed very well for us…

BRAVO 101 iSUP Pump Weight
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Weighing in at only 2.37 pounds, the BRAVO 101 is the lightest pump on our recommended list. While it’s not quite as packable as the SUPer due to the fixed handles, it’s still extremely easy to fit into a backpack and it delivered slightly better performance, inflating our test board in 1 minute, 44 seconds.

BRAVO 101 Action Switch
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Like the SUPer, there’s a plastic switch on the rear of the pump that allows you to alternate between single and double-action mode. Once again, double-action adds air to your inflatable paddle board on the up and downstrokes while single-action utilizes only the downstrokes.

BRAVO 101 Hose Attachments
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The BRAVO 101 also includes a nice assortment of accessories. In the bag is a flexible inflation hose, additional rubber washer, strap, and various valve adapters which give this pump added versatility.

BRAVO 101 Handle
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Like the SUPer, the inflation hose screws on to the main body of the pump which eliminates additional resistance and stress on the hose and connections. There’s also a handy pressure gauge positioned on the top of the pump’s handle for optimal visibility.

The BRAVO 101 is another lightweight high-performance pump that’s priced affordably. While it’s not quite as packable as the SUPer due to the wider handle profile, it does include a better set of accessories and the variety of valve adapters makes it the best choice for someone who will be using it with more than just an H3 valve.


  1. I have an older (gray) Bravo pump for sup. Where can you find replacement o rings for it.
    Thanks so much

  2. Great review and I would love to get the Bravo SUPer pump but I have a better chance of finding Big Foot. I just wish that when there is a review of something that its actually available and not some Mythical product.
    Anyhow thanks for the awesome review.
    I’ll keep looking but so far no luck.
    July 29th, 2020

    • Rich – thanks for reading and good luck with your hunt. We’ll be updating our recommendations soon with a couple new pumps. If you’re still having trouble finding your preferred pump, we’d recommend checking out one of these:

      • How do you think the Nixy 3 stage really compares to the GRI? I can’t imagine it taking anywhere near these times to get to 15psi.

        • Jeremy – the Nixy 3-stage pump is essentially a private label version of the GRI HP6. Pumping time will obviously vary significantly depending on the user and just how quickly you pump. For a 3-stage pump we usually find that most users can inflate a SUP in 5 minutes — plus or minus — of consistent but comfortable effort.

  3. Thanks for the reviews! Is there a standard hose adapter for the pumps? I.e., would I be able to inflatable my ISLE dock with a BOTE Aero foot or hand pump?


    • Hi Scott! There are several types of valves out there, but in this case your ISLE dock uses the common Halkey-Roberts valve. This should be compatible with the BOTE pumps, although you’ll get quite a workout with a hand or foot pump!

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