Best Paddle Board Memorial Day Sales | 2021

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Memorial Day SUP Sales List
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Memorial Day Sales Are Over: Find SUP Discounts For the Rest of the Year

Memorial Day 2021 sales may all be officially over, but it’s not too late to land a great deal on an inflatable paddle boards. We track the best SUP sales from the top brands throughout the year here…

The Memorial Day holiday weekend has, in many ways, become the unofficial start of summer and it’s time to get out in the warm weather and enjoy some paddle boarding! Another favorite holiday pastime is checking out the all the Memorial Day paddle board sales. That’s why in this post we’ll give you the inside scoop on all the best inflatable SUP Memorial Holiday deals from the top iSUP brands. The sales are kicking off early for 2021, so let’s get started…

Tips for Shopping Memorial Day SUP Sales

Pro Tip 1 – Don’t Wait Too Long or You Might Miss Out

We’re hearing from many brands that inventories are still limited due to shipping and port delays. We’re already seeing individual colors of certain models showing as temporarily out of stock. So if you see a good deal on the model you want, lock it down! 

Pro Tip 2 – Don’t Forget About SUP Accessories

Most SUPs come with a great set of accessories that include most of what you need to get on the water — paddle, leash, backpack, repair kit, and a manual pump. However, you’ll definitely want to get a PFD for safety and there are lots of great add-on accessories to make your SUP even more fun. Now’s the perfect time to pick up items like an electric pump, kayak kit conversion kit, fishing rod holders, drink holders, GoPro mounts, SUP coolers, and more. Check out this article for more ideas.

Often you can bundle accessories with your new SUP for even more discounts.

Now that you’re prepared, let’s jump into the deals…

The Best 2021 Memorial Day Paddle Board Deals

iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Board Sales
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iROCKER’s wants to start your summer off right big savings for the Memorial Day weekend on their new 2021 model SUPs. Normally their “buy 2 SUPs” discount is not stackable with other discounts, but for this weekend you can combine it with with discounts of up to $120 on select boards plus get a free essential bundle.

iROCKER is one of our Top Pick SUP Brands for 2021 and their boards are available in the US, Canada, UK, EU, and Australia. For more info about iROCKER, specs on each model, and links to our hands-on thoughts, check out our iROCKER SUP reviews and comparison.

US: iROCKER Memorial Day Sale Memorial Day Weekend Sale! Up to $120 off select SUPs Plus FREE essential buddle Plus buy 2 SUPs & save $100 more!

iROCKER Memorial Day Sale (US only)

Man on beach with NIXY G4 board. Text reads: Memorial Day Sale - $100 off all boards
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NIXY Sports 

NIXY Sports is ready for summer! They got the season off to an early start with the launch of their fourth generation (G4) family of inflatable paddle boards. These lightweight boards are absolutely packed with to the gills with the latest in SUP construction technology and offer great features and top-of-the-line accessories.

NIXY is one of our Top Pick SUP Brands for 2021 and their boards are available in the US and Canada. For more info about NIXY Sports, specs on each model, and links to our hands-on thoughts, check out our NIXY SUPs reviews and comparison.


THURSO Surf iSUP Board Deals Header
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THURSO Surf is kicking off summer with a sale on their popular all-around paddle boards, the Waterwalker lineup. This trio of SUPs, know for their iconic woodgrain styling, received a major update this year with change to woven drop stitch construction. This allowed THURSO to shave several pounds off their boards while improving their rigidity. They also upgraded their paddled in what is one of the best sets of included accessories out there.

THURSO is one of our Top Pick SUP Brands for 2021 and their boards are available in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe. For more info about Thurso Surf, specs on each model, and links to our hands-on thoughts, check out our Thurso SUPs reviews and comparison.


THURSO Canada Sales



Outdoor Master Black Friday Exclusive Discount Code
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Outdoor Master Coupon Code

Outdoor Master is a relative newcomer to this site, but they produced one of our Top Pick electric SUP pumps in 2020. The Shark II pump plugs into the 12 volt cigarette lighter on your vehicle and will inflate your paddle board up to 20 PSI. It can also do a handy job of fully deflating your board, making it easier to roll up and fit in the bag. It comes with a variety of adaptors so it can be used on a variety of other water inflatables as well. It survived our non-stop stress-test for over an hour in the sun without an issue.

Outdoor Master Shark II Coupon Code

This is better than any other promo on their site currently for the Shark II, so you’ll want to be sure to use our discount code at checkout. You arms will thank you!

Other Outdoor Gear Retailers

Here are some more late breaking deals from other paddle board and water sport related retailers.

Memorial Day Inflatable Paddle Board Deals… and More Sales

So while it may be a bit early, we’re definitely expecting things to heat up in the 2021 Memorial Day paddle board deals department. Questions? Thoughts? Find a deal we haven’t posted yet? Be sure to tell us in the comments below. 

Of course, we’ll keep updating this page as new sales are announced up to and through the holiday weekend. So be sure to check back often and share this page with your friends and family (it helps support the work we do here at Inflatable Boarder).

Finally, for even more deals and discounts, be sure to check out our Ultimate SUP Sales and Paddle Board Discounts page — which we keep updated year-round — for a complete list of promotions, bundles, clearances, used/demo gear, and coupon codes.

Happy shopping!

Find the Best Paddle Board Sales with Our Ultimate SUP Deals Page
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We’ve Found the Best SUP Sales For You

Check out our Ultimate SUP Deals Page for even more of best SUP sales and paddle board discounts from this and many other top inflatable SUP brands.

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