XTERRA Boards – Paddle Board Reviews 2021

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XTERRA SUP ReviewSan Diego, CA-based XTERRA Boards was founded based on one family’s love for the water. Realizing that traditional hard paddle boards are cumbersome and inconvenient to transport and store, XTERRA jumped on the inflatable paddle board bandwagon and began to produce high-quality inflatable SUP boards for all ages and skill levels.

Acting as the manufacturer, distributor, and retailer, XTERRA is able to sell their boards cheaper than other companies due to the fact that they’ve cut out all middlemen.

XTERRA has a nice line of iSUPs that are affordable and solidly built. Each XTERRA board comes a nice bundle of SUP accessories, and is backed by a 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee.

In this XTERRA SUP review, we’ll take a quick look at some of their most popular inflatable stand up paddle boards. We’ve also included a handy comparison chart for comparing specs.


XTERRA 10' SUP (6XTERRA 10′ SUP (6″ thick)

The 6″ thick XTERRA 10′ SUP is a great all-around inflatable paddle board that is both versatile and durable.

The ultra-tough drop stitch construction and 6″ thickness give the XTERRA 10′ SUP excellent rigidity, and the tough outer skin resists cuts, scrapes, and other abrasions.

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XTERRA 10′ SUP (4″ thick)

Measuring 10′ x 30″ x 4″ and weighing in at 29 pounds, this board is a good choice for beginners and lighter weight paddlers who need an all-around SUP for recreational use.

XTERRA includes a nice bundle of SUP accessories with the board, and the board is made out of an extremely durable, military-grade material.

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XTERRA 12'6XTERRA 12’6″ SUP (Touring)

The XTERRA 12’6″ Touring SUP is a long, sleek board that glides well and is easy to paddle long distances with.

Measuring 30″ wide and weighing in at 30 pounds, this board is a great option for paddlers who need a fast racing or touring SUP board with the convenience and portability of an inflatable.

For more info on the XTERRA 12’6″ touring SUP, click here.

XTERRA SUP Review Comparison Chart

XTERRA 10′ SUP (6″ thick)
XTERRA 10' SUP (6" thick)
10′30″6″29 lbs250 lbs
XTERRA 10′ SUP (4″ thick)
XTERRA 10' SUP (4" thick)
10′30″4″29 lbs175 lbs
12’6″30″6″30 lbs225 lbs