supPOCKET Elastic Mesh Deck Bag Review

supPOCKET SUP Deck Bag

Made by adventurePOCKETS, the supPOCKET elastic mesh deck bag is a great SUP storage option if you're looking for something other than a waterproof dry bag. Made in the USA and extremely well-built, the supPOCKET is essentially a 12″ x 15″ elastic mesh pouch that does a good job of keeping small gear and accessories organized and in one place while you're out paddling.

supPOCKET SUP Storage Bag

The design of the supPOCKET is actually quite simple. The pocket itself has a low profile that lays flat when it's empty. The pocket's zippered, elastic mesh top stretches substantially, giving you the ability to pack it out with a surprisingly large number of items. The supPOCKET is ideal for stashing your Crocs or flip flops, sunscreen, snorkeling gear, snacks, drinks, and more.

supPOCKETS SUP Storage Pouch

supPOCKETS Crocs Storage

When you unzip the mesh top and look inside, you'll find a tether with a 2″ plastic S-biner. The S-biner is attached to a small, waterproof aLOKSAK storage bag that's perfect for keeping your smartphone or other small accessories dry.

supPOCKET aLOKSAK Phone Protector

supPOCKET Waterproof Phone Case

On one side of the supPOCKET is a convenient carrying handle which really comes in handy when it's not strapped to your board. Also, the bottom of the pocket has four tie-down tabs located at the corners — these can be used to securely attach the supPOCKET to the deck of your paddle board.

supPOCKET Carrying Handle

supPOCKET Tie Down Loops

Included with the supPOCKET is a suction cup kit for attaching the bag to a hard SUP. If you happen to have an iSUP, adventurePOCKETS sells an inflatable paddle board kit that comes with four rubber, looped pads, four 3″ S-biners, and two tubes of glue.

For those who don't want to shell out the extra money for the company's inflatable SUP kit, there are a few other very simple ways to secure the supPOCKET to your inflatable paddle board. The first (and easiest) way, is to simply slip it under the bungee cord storage area at the nose of your board. If you need something a bit more robust, it's super easy to strap down using existing D-ring attachment points on your SUP.

Currently, the supPOCKET is available in five colors: Black, red, green, orange, and blue.

What We Like Best About the supPOCKET


First of all, we love how easy it is to access the supPOCKET. While dry bags are fantastic for keeping gear bone dry, they don't exactly give you quick access to what's inside. If you simply need a way to keep small gear and accessories organized and you don't need the waterproof capabilities of a dry bag, the supPOCKET is perfect.

Secondly, we really like the overall build quality of this bag. As previously mentioned, the supPOCKET is made in the USA and it shows — this bag is definitely built to last.

supPOCKET Made in USA

Last but not least, we love the flexible, expandability of the supPOCKET's design. You can really cram a lot of stuff into the storage pocket of this bag, and when it's empty, the lay-flat profile makes it super easy to pack and store.

Final Thoughts

adventurePOCKETS supPOCKET Mesh Deck Bag

The supPOCKET is an excellent SUP storage option that's convenient and easy to use, and it does a great job of keeping your gear securely in place while out on the water. In our opinion, this is the best paddleboarding storage option if you want to quickly access your gear and don't need the waterproof capabilities of a dry bag.

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