Stand Up Paddleboarding Holiday Gift Guide | 2022

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holiday gift guide
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As the holiday season ramps up, a question we often get is “What kind of gifts can I give the Stand Up Paddleboarders in my life?” We’ve put together a list of the most useful and most universal paddling gifts for every SUP paddler, and at every price point.

We’ll kick our SUP gift guide off with a few inflatable stand up paddleboards that make excellent gifts.

Best Inflatable Paddleboards for Gifts

gili komodo
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iSUPs on a Budget

The holidays make a great time to score an excellent deal on paddleboards in general, and you don’t have to break the bank to do so, either. For the new paddler on a budget, look no further than the Nautical iSUP by iRocker. It’s available in two sizes (10’6” and 11’6”). The 10’6” is great for paddlers under 6’ and taller paddlers will appreciate the extra length and volume of the 11’6”.

Check out the iRocker Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale for the best price on the Nautical 10’6” and Nautical 11’6” iSUP.

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More Stability for Beginners

If you are looking for a stiffer, more stable paddleboard as a gift for a beginner paddler, check out the Gili Komodo. A combination of the extra width (33” wide), wide shape, and amazingly stiff construction make the Komodo an ideal inflatable paddleboard for beginners. It also has a full-length deck pad great for paddling with kids and dogs, or for stretching out for some SUP yoga.

Check out the Gili Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale for the best price on the Gili Komodo iSUP

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Specialty iSUPs for Your Special Someone

After a bit of time on the water with an all-around iSUP, your favorite paddler may be looking for a board that performs a little better with one aspect or another. For the paddler in your life that likes to go far and go fast, a touring iSUP is just the ticket. The Thurso Expedition 150 is a fantastic touring iSUP that blends speed, efficiency, and stability for fitness, destination, and overnight touring trips. For your favorite angler, the Bote HD Aero is a fantastic fishing iSUP that’s ready to be rigged to catch The Big One.

Check out the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales on the Thurso Expedition 150 and the Bote HD Aero iSUPs.

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A Competitive iSUP for a Competitive Paddler

When you’ve got an athlete in the family, you know they are always striving for the best equipment to give them that competitive edge. Why not treat them to the best holiday gift they could imagine with the fastest iSUP on the market? The Starboard All Star Airline is a proven race winner with the same shapes as Starboard’s top-tier carbon fiber race boards at a fraction of the price. It’s also available in a variety of lengths and widths to best match the paddler’s size and skill

Check out the Starboard All Star Airline inflatable racing iSUP

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Best SUP Accessories for Gifts

Gifts Under $100

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  • Inflatable PFD – Staying safe on the water is the first step to having fun on the water. The more comfortable your safety gear, the more likely you are to wear it. Belt-style Inflatable PFDs are the most comfortable way to stay safe while paddleboarding. Check out the Onyx Inflatable PFD.
  • Waterproof Speaker – enjoying your favorite tunes is a great way to amp up any paddle session whether you are casually cruising or crushing a workout. The Gili Barnacle Bluetooth Speaker is waterproof and works with threaded accessory mounts, or you can use the included suction cup to keep it securely on your board.
  • Dry Bag – Not everything we bring with us on a SUP is meant to get wet. A dry bag is a great gift for the paddler in your life to keep their valuables, lunch, towel, and other items safe and dry while on the water. Check out the Sling Lightweight Dry Bag by Sea to Summit for a convenient, waterproof, way to store on your board.
  • Glasses Strap – Sun in your eyes isn’t comfortable, and prolonged exposure to UVA and UVB radiation can be bad for your eye health (not just your skin). A nice pair of sunglasses is the best way to relax your eyes, but no one wants to lose them on the water1 Glasses straps are great ways to keep your sunglasses on your face, and keep them floating if they do somehow slide off. Check out these floating glasses straps by Chums.
  • Changing Poncho – sometimes we need to change clothes at the waterfront. Other times we might just be getting a little chilly hanging out after a nice day paddling. Either way a changing robe is the best way to stay warm and stay modest while changing clothes by the water. Check out the Nixy Towel Changing Poncho and Waterproof Changing Parka for those colder days.
  • Hydroskins and Booties – One of the best gifts you can give any paddler is more time paddling! Help your favorite paddlers extend their season with NRS Hydroskin neoprene shirts, pants, socks, gloves, and booties. These microfiber-lined neoprene garments are super comfortable and layer easily to match the weather. Check out the excellent lineup of Hydroskin garments and neoprene booties by NRS.

Gifts Under $200

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  • Electric Pump – inflating your paddleboard by hand is time- and energy-consuming. Give the paddlers in your life a break with an electric pump. These “set it and forget it” pumps do the work for you so you can go about getting ready for your day on the water. Check out the Outdoor Master Shark II Electric SUP Pump or the Sea Gods Battery Electric Pump for a self-contained battery-powered option.
  • Tackle Rack – If you know an angler, you know they have a lot of equipment. Keeping all of that fishing gear organized and available while paddling can be tricky. Help them out with a Tackle Rack. These racks fit into specialized receptacles on the paddleboard to securely hold rods, bags, and everything else you need for a great day of chasing fish on a SUP. Check out these tackle racks by Bote, iRocker, and Nixy.
  • Cooler – Hot days on the water are best matched with cold beverages. A 25 qt cooler is perfectly sized to fit on most iSUPs and also doubles as a great seat. Check out the 25 qt rotomolded cooler by iRocker.
  • Paddle Upgrade – Upgrading a kit paddle can make an old paddleboard feel new, especially for those paddlers who spend long days on the water. Lighter constructions and more refined shapes make paddling smoother, more efficient, and faster. Check out the line of high-quality carbon-fiber adjustable paddles by Nixy. They come in three different sizes to match your paddler’s weight, and the Medium and Large paddles are now also available in a rainbow of different colors.
  • Wetsuit – For the die-hard paddler in your life a wetsuit can safely and comfortably extend their paddling season far into the fall and even into (or through) the winter. There are lots of different thicknesses and sizes available, so make sure to slyly figure out what your favorite paddler needs! Check out the Rip Curl Omega 3/2 wetsuit for Men and Women.

Gifts Over $200

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  • GPS Smartwatch – A smartwatch with GPS is a great way to track your paddling activities and biometrics for workouts and sharing your adventures. Not to mention all of the other great benefits that today’s smart watches have available. Check out the Garmin Forerunner and Garmin Fenix smart watches to easily track paddle sessions.
  • Inflatable Dock – An Inflatable dock is a great item to have for those fun days out on the lake. You can use it as a floating base for paddling, swimming, and other games, or just hang out and relax. Check out the Agora inflatable dock package from Sea Gods (includes a ladder, shade umbrella, and wheeled carry bag).
  • Dry Suit – In colder climates or for paddling into the deepest part of winter a wetsuit may not be enough. Dry Suits keep your favorite paddler completely dry and let them layer for warmth while paddling and are the ultimate in comfort for cold-weather SUP. Check out the Kokatat Hydrus 3L Meridian Dry Suit for Men and Women.
  • Speed Coach – If your favorite paddler is into racing or fitness paddling, the NK Speed Coach SUP 2 GPS device is a must have. Besides tracking distance, speed, and time, the Speed Coach also tracks stroke rate, distance per stroke, and heart rate. You can also get it pre-loaded with different workouts for even more efficient training. Check out the NK Speed Coach SUP 2 GPS training device.
  • Ultimate Paddle Upgrade – A high-quality paddle can make all the difference when it comes to long days on the water, sprinting past a competitor, or catching the next wave. If you want to give the paddler in your life what is possibly the best paddle available, then check out Black Project SUP. The Black Project Hydro FlowX, Hydro TempoX, Hydro SprintX and Surge paddles are the most advanced paddles on the market and are finely tuned to provide the absolute best performance possible for many different types of paddling.

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