Shark SUP Review – Shark SUPs 10’6″ Touring iSUP

Shark SUPs 10'6" Touring SUP ReviewThe smallest of the Shark SUP touring boards, the 2016 Shark SUPs 10’6″ White Shark touring iSUP is a great board for anyone just starting out. It’s a lot of fun to paddle and the overall performance of the board is very good.

The board offers a lot of nice features and stacks up very well to other inflatable SUP boards in this price range. Also, Shark includes a really great bundle of accessories with this board.

Shark SUPsKeep in mind that Shark SUPs isn’t exactly a household name in the world of stand up paddleboarding, so this is a board that will fly under most people’s radar.

In this Shark SUP review, we’ll be going over the board’s best features, the measurements and technical specs, what accessories come with it, some commonly asked questions, and our overall thoughts on the board.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
ProsVery affordable
Solid construction
6" thickness, good rigidity
Very nice assortment of included accessories
Solid 2 year warranty
ConsLess stable due to 30" width
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Shark SUPs 10’6″ Touring iSUP Review: Board Overview

Measuring 10’6″ x 30″ x 6″ and weighing in at 24 pounds, the Shark SUPs 10’6″ inflatable touring SUP performs well in lakes, rivers, and in the ocean. It’s a fairly fast board that glides and tracks well, and it’s best suited for cruising and touring.

The board can be inflated up to 25 PSI, and it’s constructed of a heavy duty, military-grade PVC material. The rails, deck, and bottom of the board feature an initial .5mm 500 Denier polyester plain weave layer, as well as a second .7mm 1000 Denier polyester laminate layer for increased durability and stiffness.

The drop stitch construction adds further rigidity.
Shark SUP ConstructionThe top of the board is covered by a nice shark pattern EVA foam traction pad. The traction pad provides good grip, and we really like the unique design.

The center of the board has a convenient grab handle for carrying the board around. We would love to see a second grab handle at the nose added, but the board does have a stainless steel D-ring located on the underside of the board’s nose for towing.

Shark SUP NoseAdditionally, there is a stainless steel D-ring located at the tail of the board for attaching a SUP leash, and four more D-rings near the board’s nose with a bungee cord storage area. This is great for securing a backpack, shoes, and other valuables while you’re out on the water.

The board has a total volume of 300 liters and can support a max weight of 220 pounds. The recommended inflation PSI is 18, but the board can be pumped up to 25 PSI for extra stiffness.

On the flip side, the Shark SUPs 10’6″ White Shark cruiser has a 2+1 fin setup, with two small fixed side fins and a large 9″ removable fin. This gives the board good tracking ability, and you also have the ability to remove the large center fin if you’re paddling in shallow water.

You can also remove the center fin if you want a little more play in the tail and less straight-line tracking.
Shark SUPs Board Bottom

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Shark SUP Specs

MAX CAPACITY220 pounds

Included Accessories

Shark SUPs AccessoriesShark SUPs includes a great bundle of accessories with the 10’6″ White Shark touring SUP. Along with the board, you get all of the following accessories:

  • Premium backpack with roller wheels
  • Adjustable aluminum SUP paddle
  • SUP leash
  • Hand pump with built-in pressure gauge
  • Waterproof cell phone case
  • Repair kit

Needless to say, this adds a lot of additional value to the board, as most inflatable SUPs in this price range come with far fewer accessories.

Shark SUPs also backs the board with a 2 year warranty against manufacturer defects, which is great for added peace of mind.


How does the Shark SUPs 10’6″ Touring board compare to a hard board?
The inflatable Shark 10’6″ touring SUP performs very similarly to a rigid SUP board. It is extremely stiff and provides good performance, although it is not quite as fast as a hard board would be.

What is included in the repair kit?
The repair kit includes some patches, glue, and a valve tool.

Can I leave the Shark SUP pumped up?
Absolutely! The board can remain inflated if you don’t need to deflate it for transport.

Additional Pictures

Shark SUPs White Shark 10'6" Cruising iSUPShark SUP DurabilityShark SUP FinsShark SUPs DeckShark SUPs Air ValveShark SUPs SUP Leash & Phone CaseShark SUPs Hand PumpShark SUPs Roller BackpackShark SUP Board Rocker

Final Thoughts

Shark SUPs White Shark 10'6" SUPThe Shark SUPs 10’6″ touring board comes with a great bundle of accessories and provides excellent overall value. The board is well-made and constructed of high quality materials, and will give you a lot more for your money than many other boards in this price range.

We really like the board’s styling and the shark pattern EVA foam deck pad, that the fact that everything you need to start paddling is included is a big plus. It’s extremely rare to find an inflatable SUP board in this price range that includes all that this board does.

If you’re a small to mid-sized paddler and are looking for the best touring SUP, the Shark SUPs 10’6″ White Shark may be a board worth considering.

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