Mistral SUP

mistral SUPFounded in 1976 by windsurfing legend Peter Brockhaus, Mistral has maintained an intense passion for wind and water sports over the years. Mistral was integral in transforming the sport of windsurfing into a worldwide sport, and today, the company has now extended its focus to include the exploding SUP industry.

Over the past 30+ years, Mistral has sold in excess of 850,000 boards throughout the world, and they are a leader in the field of technology innovation. Mistral has an international network of Licensees, and is a true water sports lifestyle company.

The Mistral SUP lineup consists of both hard and inflatable boards, and they currently have an impressive 18 board selection in their inflatable SUP line. All of Mistral’s boards are backed by a 12 month guarantee against manufacturer defects.

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