Bravo BP12 Electric Inflator Pump Review

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The Bravo BP12 electric inflator pump is a 12v single stage high-pressure piston pump that is awesome for pumping up your inflatable SUP board. The BP12 is super portable due to its compact size and light weight, and it will definitely make your life a whole lot easier when the time comes to inflate your stand up paddle board.

The BP12 is an extremely efficient electric iSUP pump. It will automatically pump up your inflatable SUP board from 1 to 15 PSI in just a couple minutes, and like other electric paddle board pumps, the BP12 has an auto-shut off feature that turns it off once your paddle board has been fully inflated. The pump has an easy to read dial that allows you to choose your desired PSI — after dialing in your PSI setting, just press the on button and the BP12 goes to work.

This is a really nice single stage pump that is affordable and perfect for inflatable SUPs. If you are interested in the added convenience of an electric pump, the BP12 is definitely worth the money.

What’s Included with the Bravo BP12

  • Bravo BP12 Electric Pump
  • 102″ cable w/alligator clips
  • 72″ inflation hose
  • Kit with all popular valve adapters

There is also an upgraded Bravo BP12 pump which comes with an included battery (highly recommended). You’ll find the lowest price on that here.

Click Here to Buy the BP12 Pump (w/o battery)

Click Here to Buy the BP12 Pump with Battery

BP12 Specs

WEIGHT4 pounds

Bravo BP12 Rating

Bravo BTP12 Electric Pump Review
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