BLACKFIN Model XL Launch: Updates & Improvements for 2020

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One of our favorite inflatable paddle boards since its release a few seasons ago, the 11’6″ BLACKFIN Model XL SUP has been upgraded for 2020 with an eye-catching new design and a number of great improvements…

iROCKER launched their premium BLACKFIN SUP range in 2018 with the release of the 10’6″ Model X and 11’6″ Model XL. Both boards instantly became best-sellers due to their upgraded features and accessories, high-quality construction, and affordable price point. This year, iROCKER has released the third version of the Model XL and as expected, we were not disappointed.

In this launch preview, we’ll cover all of the changes made to the board for 2020 and why we feel that it iis shaping up to be one of the best inflatable paddle boards of the season if you’re looking for a larger premium all-around iSUP. If you’d like more detailed information on the board, please read our full-length BLACKFIN Model XL review.

2019 to 2020 Model XL Visual Comparison

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Weight29 pounds
Max Capacity485 pounds

What's New for 2020

iROCKER has made some very nice changes to the Model XL for 2020. In addition to the eye-catching new design and additional color options this season, the company has introduced several new features, upgraded the included accessories, and changed out the previously used U.S. fin box.

Stunning New Design

The Model XL has always been one of the nicest looking inflatable SUPs in our opinion and the latest design looks absolutely stunning. iROCKER used high-quality, digitally-printed graphics on the board and bold colors that really stand out. The 2020 board has an aggressive appearance and we like the fact that the darker colors won’t show dirt and grime as easily as the white.

Additional Color Options

iROCKER is expanding the color availability of several models for 2020 and this season the Model XL is being offered in three beautiful colorways:

  • White
  • Teal
  • Blue

While all three Model XL colors look great, the Teal and Blue versions are the nicest in our opinion.

Feature Upgrades

The new Model XL comes packed with even more features than before, several of which are going to appeal to anglers in search of a serious SUP fishing rig.

Last season, iROCKER added an Action Mount at the nose for attaching a GoPro camera, fishing rod holder, waterproof speaker, and other paddling accessories. This year, the company has added seven more Action Mounts to the board as well as fishing rack mounts and a sand spear setup positioned along the rail. Needless to say, this has opened up a whole new world of ways to use the Model XL, making it even more versatile than before.

iROCKER also made some improvements to the EVA foam traction pad and it now extends further back at the tail of the board.

Lastly, two additional D-rings have been added to the rear bungee cargo area resulting in increased storage capacity.

Improved Accessory Package

The Model XL’s SUP accessory bundle has also been upgraded for 2020 with several nice improvements.

First of all, this year’s paddle is better than ever. iROCKER used a full carbon fiber shaft and went with a more streamlined blade, resulting in a lighter paddle that delivers better performance. The paddle blade has also been color-coordinated with the board this year.

The BLACKFIN SUP travel backpack has also been upgraded this season. Like the paddle blade, the bags are now color-coded with the board and there are a slew of organizational improvements. Running along the front exterior of the pack is an elastic bungee storage area which is perfect for securing a towel or jacket. There are also a number of zippered storage pockets, mesh storage pouches, and a Velcro pocket along the back of the bag for stashing small items. There’s also a large zippered storage pocket near the top of the bag that is designed to hold iROCKER’s new compact electric SUP pump.

While the double-chamber triple-action pump remains the same this season, the durability of the pump hose has been improved by constructing it with a thicker, more pliable material.

iROCKER has also expanded its range of optional add-on accessories for 2020 and the most noteworthy additions are their brand new fishing rack, sand spear mount, and push pole. These accessories are a big development for the BLACKFIN SUP range as they now make it possible for anglers to customize the Model XL, turning it into a legit SUP fishing board. While the Model XL has always been a solid choice for paddle board fishing, these new accessories and the additional mounts on the deck of the board undoubtedly make it one of this year’s best fishing SUPs.

Fin Box Update

iROCKER also made a change to the fin box on the 2020 Model X. Gone is the universal US fin box that has been used on the board since its release and in its place is a Flip-Lock fin box – the same one used on all of iROCKER’s other inflatables. We asked the company about their decision to go with a Flip-Lock fin over the popular US fin box setup and the change was made due to the added convenience and ease of use offered by the Flip-Lock fin.

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Price & Where to Buy

The brand new BLACKFIN Model X is now in stock and on sale at the company’s official online store. iROCKER offers the best prices, great customer service, and FREE shipping. They’re also offering upgraded expedited shipping at the moment as well as a risk-free 60-day money-back guarantee.

iROCKER inflatable paddle boards are available worldwide including the U.S., Canada, Europe, UK, and many other countries. When you click the link below, you’ll be automatically directed to the iROCKER online store for your area.

More Information: Detailed Hands-On Review

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