Hala SUP Boards Rigidity Test

The Hala lineup of inflatable SUP boards is known for being extremely rigid and super durable…

With Hala's composite carbon and fiberglass inflatable paddle boards, the performance gap between traditional hard boards and iSUPs continues to dwindle. Each of Hala's inflatable paddle boards is constructed of the finest PVC drop stitch material, an unbreakable universal fin box, flexible fins, and a rocker stiffening stringer.

In addition to their overall toughness, each Hala SUP is backed by one of the best inflatable paddle board warranties in the business today (a full 3 years).

If you're looking for an insanely well-made inflatable board that is super stiff and backed by a company that truly cares about their customers, Hala Gear is a SUP company to consider.

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