How to Transport a SUP: Car Roof Racks and Tie Down Straps

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When it comes to transporting an inflatable paddle board, there are a variety of options. In addition to tossing a deflated, rolled-up SUP in the backseat or trunk of your vehicle, you can also transport your SUP on the top of your vehicle using a rack and some straps.

In this post, we’ll show you how to secure your SUP to a roof rack using durable tie down straps.

*Equipment needed: roof rack, tie down straps

How to Attach a Paddle Board to a Roof Rack Carrier using Straps
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Step 1: Place your paddle board on the roof of your vehicle with the board’s top deck facing down. Make sure that the board is centered and well-positioned.

Step 2: With the buckle of the first strap in your hand, toss the other end of the strap over your vehicle and lay the buckle flat along the upper edge of your paddle board’s rail. Repeat this process with the second strap. Pro tip: On windy days where you have difficulty getting the end of your strap over your vehicle, just wind the strap up like a roll of tape and toss it over again.

Step 3: Walk around to the other side of your vehicle and make sure that both straps are laying flat across the bottom of your SUP. Loop each strap around the crossbar on your vehicle’s roof rack before tossing it back over to the other side of your car.

Step 4: Return to the other side of your vehicle and look at the straps once again to make sure that they are laying flat across the bottom of your SUP. Then, loop the first strap around the other end of your roof rack’s crossbar before pulling it up through the buckle of the tie down strap. Press the buckle’s clasp down as you pull the strap through — once it’s taught, just release the buckle clasp and pull the end of the strap tight to secure. Tie off the excess strap length, and repeat this process with the second strap.

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