Aqua Marina Fusion Review

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Aqua Marina Fusion Review
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The Aqua Marina Fusion SUP is an all-around inflatable paddle board that measures 10’10” in length, 30″ wide, and weighs in at a respectable 21 pounds. The Fusion is an entry-level board that is a good choice for larger paddlers who want an inflatable paddle board for recreational paddling and SUP fitness. Aqua Marina is an up and coming name in the inflatable SUP world, and at this time the company has a total of 11 boards in their lineup ranging in size from 8’7″ to 14′. In this Aqua Marina Fusion review, we’re going to go over the board’s features, construction, specs, pros and cons, included SUP accessories, warranty, and more.
In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…
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Very affordable
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Versatile design
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Large honeycomb-pattern traction pad
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Capable of supporting heavy riders
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6″ thickness with good rigidity
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Great portability
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Includes nice bundle of SUP accessories
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Warranty is only 12 months
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Long-term durability may be less than higher-priced boards
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Aqua Marina Fusion Review: SUP Overview

Aqua Marina Fusion SUP
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The Aqua Marina Fusion SUP features double-wall drop stitch construction and a nice 6″ thickness. The outer skin of the board is very durable, and it’s able to withstand cuts and scrapes well. The top deck of the Fusion features a really nice honeycomb pattern traction pad that covers nearly the entire surface of the deck. The EVA foam pad provides excellent grip, and the extra long traction pad coverage is great if you plan on bringing a child or your dog along for a paddle.
Aqua Marina Fusion Bungee Storage
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At the nose of the board are four stainless steel D-rings and a bungee cord storage tie, which is great for stashing your flip flops, backpack, or a change of clothes. At the middle of the board, there is a convenient carrying handle that makes it super easy to carry the board around when it’s inflated. We would love to see an additional grab handle at the nose or tail of the board as well—perhaps that is a feature that Aqua Marina would consider adding in the future. At the rear of the board is another D-ring for attaching your SUP leash. The air valve is also located at the tail, and inflating the board to 15 PSI is easy enough with the included manual pump. On the flip side is a single, large removable fin.
Aqua Marina Fusion
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Fusion Specs

Weight21 pounds
Max Capacity308 pounds

Included SUP Accessories

Aqua Marina Fusion Paddle Board
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The Aqua Marina Fusion SUP includes a nice bundle of accessories. We really like the fact that Aqua Marina includes everything needed to begin paddle boarding. Included with the board is a 3-piece, adjustable SUP paddle, the single rear fin, a backpack, a manual hand pump, and an iSUP repair kit. The hand pump has a built-in pressure gauge which some have reported to be problematic. As with all Aqua Marina paddle boards, the Fusion also includes Aqua Marina’s standard 12 month warranty which covers all manufacturer defects. We would love to see a longer warranty period in place, but understand that this is a budget-priced board.


Does the Aqua Marina Fusion include a SUP leash? No, the board does not include a leash. Is the included paddle adjustable? Yes, the paddle is fully adjustable although taller paddlers (6′ and up) may find this paddle to be a bit on the short side. Please keep in mind that the included paddle is very basic, so if you’re looking for something a bit nicer we’d recommend checking out the new Aqua Marina Carbon Guide and Carbon Pro models.

Additional Aqua Marina Fusion SUP Pictures

Aqua Marina Fusion Inflatable Paddle Board
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Aqua Marina Fusion Inflatable SUP
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Aqua Marina Fusion Traction Pad
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Aqua Marina Fusion Air Valve
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Aqua Marina Fusion Fin
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Aqua Marina SUP Backpack
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Aqua Marina SUP Pump
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Aqua Marina SUP Paddle
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Final Thoughts

Overall, the Aqua Marina Fusion is a good entry-level paddle board and a solid option for larger paddlers who want a fun, all-around board for recreational use. The board comes with everything you need to start paddle boarding, which makes it especially attractive for beginners who don’t have any SUP accessories yet. We like the fact that Aqua Marina throws in a backpack, which many lower-priced paddle board bundles do not include. While the Fusion probably won’t appeal to the more serious paddler who can afford a higher-priced inflatable SUP, it’s a board that a budget-minded recreational paddler should seriously consider.

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Aqua Marina Fusion Review
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  1. I purchased my Fusion in July via Amazon. So far (1) valve cover has become detached. I was told via manufacturer to try and ‘re-string’ it. This is impossible to do without removing the entire valve system. (2) the pump tube has come apart from the valve. While I can reinsert the tube into the valve, it begins leaking air at about 10psi making it impossible to inflate the board. (3) seams on one side is beginning to lift.

    I have only used this board on flat river water maybe a half a dozen times. I’m 5.5 & 112# so size is not the issue. Last weekend I participated on a water trail run where we encountered some small rapids & rocky areas. The board performed very well and handled the low areas much better than other iSUPs and expoxy board.

    I hope can resolve the above issues with the manufacturer. Then I’d rate it with 3 stars. We’ll see.

    • Hi Gloria, thanks for sharing your experience with the Fusion. If you just purchased the board in July, then it is under warranty and I would definitely request that a replacement board be shipped out. Since you purchased your Fusion on Amazon, you can also contact them if Aqua Marina doesn’t resolve the matter to your liking and I’m certain they’ll help you — Amazon’s customer service is amazing.

      Please let me know how everything works out. Happy paddling…

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