Red Paddle Co

Red Paddle CoRed Paddle Co is one of the fastest growing iSUP companies in existence, and they hold the title as the maker of the world’s most popular inflatable paddle boats. Owned by Totnes-based Tushingham Sails and founded in 2008 when the sport of paddle boarding was just getting started, the founders stepped outside of the box and started tinkering with the idea of an inflatable SUP board design.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Year in and year out, Red Paddle Co consistently produces what many consider to be the best inflatable paddle board on the market. Their goal has always been to produce a top-quality SUP that performs at a level that even experts will appreciate.

Red Paddle Co inflatable paddle boards offer the ultimate in portability and convenience, without sacrificing performance. To learn more about their lineup of iSUP boards, please read our Red Paddle Co reviews.

Popular Red Paddle Co Inflatable Paddle Boards

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