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Imagine SUP Boards

Founded in 2006, Imagine Surf is a company that is serious about producing great inflatable paddle boards. Featuring an impressive lineup of iSUPs ranging in size from 9’6″ to 14′, Imagine Surf designs the boards that they themselves want to paddle.

In addition to their high-quality lineup of inflatable paddle boards, Imagine also has a versatile range of rigid SUPs, paddles, and SUP accessories.

Iconic SUP pioneer Dave Kalama is a big part of the Imagine team, personally designing and testing each board before it goes to production. There are a lot of companies making inflatable SUPs these days, but not many can say that they have someone with such a wealth of experience acting as the head designer for their paddle board line.

Imagine Inflatable SUP Technology: DLX & LTE

Imagine’s line of inflatable paddle boards consists of two different construction types: DLX and LTE. DLX boards are more durable and feature double layer construction, while LTE iSUPs are designed to be lighter and are built with only a single skin layer.

In addition to the construction differences, the DLX and LTE boards also come with distinct accessory bundles…

Imagine DLX LTE

While all Imagine inflatable SUPs come with a 3-piece paddle and high-quality 2-way pump (except for the Cog and Invader models), DLX boards come with a premium convertible wheeled backpack which features convenient rolling wheels, shoulder straps, and handy internal compression straps. LTE models come with a basic compact backpack.

Imagine Surf Paddle Boards Compared

Imagine SUP Reviews

Imagine Icon DLX 10’2″

The Imagine Icon DLX 10’2″ inflatable SUP is a great all-around board that performs well in a wide variety of paddling conditions. As with all DLX boards, the Icon DLX 10’2″ features double layer construction for additional rigidity.

If you’re looking for a well-rounded, super fun board that you can take surfing, flat water paddling, windsurfing, and more, this is a solid choice. As with Imagine’s other DLX boards, the Icon also comes with a nice bundle of SUP accessories.

Imagine Icon DLX 10'2" SUP

Imagine Icon DLX 11′

Measuring 11’x34″x6″, the Imagine Icon DLX 11′ is the larger of Imagine’s inflatable Icon SUPs. Featuring 10″ of additional length and measuring 2″ wider, the Icon DLX 11′ is faster and more stable than the smaller inflatable Icon DLX. The durable double-taped sidewall rails add additional stiffness, and the diamond groove EVA foam traction pad feels great under the feet.

We really like Imagine’s convenient snap in fin system that allows you to pop fins in easily without tools.

magine Icon DLX 11′ SUP

Imagine Icon LTE 10’2″

Coming in with the same measurements as the DLX version, the Imagine Icon LTE 10’2″ is built with single layer construction which sheds some pounds, making this a better choice for those who want a high-performance, lightweight inflatable board. The more-affordable Icon LTE 10’2″ handles really well and has the same high-quality features as the DLX model.

All of Imagine’s Icon inflatable SUPs have a bungee cord storage area at the board’s nose as well as a stainless steel D-ring at the tail for attaching a SUP leash.

Imagine Icon LTE 10'2" SUP

Imagine Icon LTE 11′

The Imagine Icon LTE 11′ measures 11’x34″x6″ and features single layer construction with double layered sidewalls for added strength and stiffness. The additional length and width of the Icon LTE 11′ tack on about 50 liters of volume, making this a better choice for larger paddlers.

The Icon LTE 11′ comes with a nice adjustable aluminum Harbor paddle, a compact backpack, and a high-volume two-way pump.

Imagine Icon LTE 11' SUP

Imagine Ignite LTE

The Imagine Ignite LTE is an awesome inflatable SUP for young paddlers. Measuring 10’6″x26″x6″ and featuring a sleek touring profile, the Ignite LTE is modeled after Imagine’s popular Mission iSUP.

This is an excellent iSUP for beginners that is lightweight, well-built, and fun to paddle. It includes Imagine’s convenient compact backpack, a two-way high-pressure pump, and an adjustable Harbor SUP paddle.

Imagine Ignite LTE SUP

Imagine Mission DLX 11′

Measuring 11’x32″x6″, the Imagine Mission DLX 11′ is a fast inflatable touring SUP that is durable and stable. This board is a great option for those who want an easy paddling touring SUP that is packable and super easy to transport.

The Mission DLX 11′ comes with Imagine’s high-quality wheeled backpack, a high-pressure two-way air pump, and an adjustable aluminum paddle. If you’re looking for a top-shelf touring iSUP that includes everything you need to start paddling, this is a solid choice.

Imagine Mission DLX 11' SUP

Imagine Mission DLX 12’6″

The larger Imagine Mission DLX 12’6″ measures 12’6″x31″x6″ and adds an extra 36 liters of volume. This board has nice glide and is great for speed and paddling long distances.

The Mission DLX 12’6″ has a convenient neoprene grab handle in the middle of the board, a bungee storage area at the board’s nose, and a small D-ring at the tail for attaching your paddle board leash. It also comes with Imagine’s high-quality EVA foam deck pad which provides excellent traction.

Imagine Mission DLX 12'6" SUP

Imagine Mission LTE 11′

The Imagine Mission LTE 11′ is the smallest, lightest board in Imagine’s inflatable Mission series. This lightweight inflatable touring paddle board measures 11’x32″x6″ and is constructed with single layer drop stitch material on the top and bottom of the board. The rails feature double-layered construction for increased rigidity and strength.

All in all, this is an excellent option for those who want a light inflatable touring SUP that is affordable and well-built.

Imagine Mission LTE 11' SUP

Imagine Mission LTE 12’6″

The larger of Imagine’s LTE iSUPs, the Mission LTE 12’6″ measures 12’6″x31″x6″ and is a great lightweight touring board for those who are looking for the added convenience of an inflatable. The 12’6″ Mission LTE features a sleek touring shape that paddles easily and has a nice glide.

This board comes with a high-pressure two-way SUP pump, an adjustable paddle, and a convenient compact backpack.

Imagine Mission LTE 12'6" SUP

Imagine Angler DLX

Measuring 11’x38″x6″, the super durable Imagine Angler DLX is a great choice for anyone who is serious about SUP fishing. This board features front and rear bungee storage areas, D-rings for tying down your tackle box and cooler, fishing rod holders, and more.

Another feature that we really like about the Angler DLX is the retractable skeg that allows you to fish in shallow waters without having to worry about breaking it. Overall, this iSUP is a super stable fishing platform that is well-built and comes with some great features.

Imagine Angler DLX Fishing SUP

Imagine Rapidfire DLX

The Imagine Rapidfire DLX is the perfect board for river running. Measuring 9’6″x36″6″, the Rapidfire DLX is an extremely stable board that is easy to maneuver.

This board features 7 convenient grab handles, rail and tail kick pads for improved footing, a kick up skeg, bungee cord storage area, and twin D-rings at the board’s tail. The top and bottom of the board have double layer construction which give it the added durability necessary for paddling in these types of conditions.

Imagine Rapidfire DLX SUP

Imagine Invader LTE 17′

Imagine Inferno DLX

Measuring 10’x37″x6″, the Imagine Inferno DLX is the perfect stable platform for SUP fitness enthusiasts. The board features a comfortable brushed EVA foam traction pad, plenty of stainless steel D-rings for attaching resistance bands, a single kick up skeg for paddling in shallow waters, and dual grab handles located at the front and rear of the board.

The Inferno DLX comes with a high-pressure two-way pump, high-quality wheeled backpack, and adjustable SUP paddle.

Imagine Inferno DLX SUP

Imagine Connector DLX

The Imagine Connector DLX is a super fast board that is perfect for touring and downwind runs. Measuring 14’x30″6″, the long sleek profile of the Connector DLX makes it an easy paddling board that is great for long distances.

This board features double skin construction on the top, bottom, and rails for added strength and rigidity. It also comes with a bungee storage area at the board’s nose for securing gear, and two convenient grab handles.

Imagine Connector DLX SUP

The largest SUP in Imagine’s inflatable line, the Imagine Invader LTE measures 17’x58″x8″ and is designed to support up to 8 paddlers. This is a super fun board for group paddling, and it made our list of this year’s best big SUP boards.

The Invader LTE has 23 grab handles, a stringer down the middle of the board to maintain the board’s rocker, a full-length grooved EVA foam traction pad, 4 fixed low-profile fins, and a large removable center skeg.

Imagine Invader LTE Big SUP

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Imagine SUP Boards
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