HAWK SUP 11′ Copacabana Review

HAWK SUP 11' Copacabana Board

The colorful HAWK SUP Copacabana 11′ is an affordably priced inflatable paddle board that is perfect for anyone who wants to have a ton of fun on the water without breaking the bank. In addition to the affordable price tag, this board comes with everything you need to start paddling which makes it a great choice for first time paddlers.

HAWK SUP Copacabana Inflatable Paddle Board

A fresh name on the paddleboarding scene, Miami-based HAWK SUP is a family-owned company that currently has one inflatable model and a small lineup of SUP accessories. In this review of their 11′ Copacabana inflatable SUP, we’ll take a look at this board’s specs, features, build quality, paddling performance, included accessory bundle, warranty, pros and cons, and more.

In a Hurry? Here’s a Quick Summary…

ProsFun to paddle
Good rigidity
Glides and tracks well
Carry handle cover can secure paddle (and is removable)
Affordable price point
Three color options (Yellow, Pink, and Blue)
D-ring at nose for towing or tethering
Convenient grab handle at tail
Versatile universal fin box
Nice bundle of SUP accessories
ConsWarranty is only 1 year
Fit/finish not on par with higher-priced SUPs
Needs more D-rings
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HAWK SUP 11′ Copacabana Review: SUP Overview

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Measuring 11′ x 33″ x 6″ and weighing in at 24 pounds, the HAWK SUP Copacabana is a stable board in the water that can support up to 325 pounds of weight. This is an all-around board that is suitable for a wide variety of conditions and activities, and it’s also a great choice for paddling around your dog.

HAWK SUP Copacabana Paddling Dog

HAWK SUP is well-known for their bold, colorful designs, and the 11′ Copacabana is definitely an eye-catching board that looks great in the water. At the moment, this board is available in three colors: Yellow, Pink, and Blue.

HAWK SUP Copacabana iSUP


The top deck of the Copacabana 11′ is covered by a black and white EVA foam traction pad that features a wavy graphic design. The deck pad has a diamond pattern which provides excellent grip, and there’s a heavy duty rubber carrying handle mid-board. The carry handle is covered by a comfortable neoprene cover that you can use to secure your paddle while you’re out on the water, and we really like the fact that the cover is removable.

HAWK SUP Copacabana Board Top

HAWK SUP Copacabana Carry Handle

HAWK SUP Copacabana Paddle Holder

HAWK SUP Copacabana Carrying Handle

On the front of the HAWK SUP Copacabana 11′ is a bungee storage area as well as a stainless steel D-ring at the nose for towing or tethering the board. Instead of using 6 stainless steel D-rings as attachment points for the elastic bungee cord (like you see on nearly all boards), the company elected to use rubber/PVC loops which we’re not particularly fond of. In addition to being less durable, there’s no way to use these attachment points to tie down additional gear as you can do with normal D-rings.

HAWK SUP Copacabana Bungee Storage Area

HAWK SUP Copacabana Towing D-ring

Located at the tail of the HAWK SUP Copacabana is a D-ring for attaching the included leash, a Halkey Roberts-style inflation valve, and a convenient grab handle for pulling the board in and out of the water. The grab handle’s location at the tail is great as it prevents the fins from dragging.

HAWK SUP Copacabana Inflation Valve

On the bottom of the Copacabana is a single removable fin that attaches with a toolless fin system. HAWK SUP used a versatile universal fin box on this board which gives you the ability to swap out the fin.

HAWK SUP Copacabana Bottom

HAWK SUP Copacabana Fin


The HAWK SUP Copacabana features a durable drop stitch core and double-layer PVC construction. This board offers good rigidity when pumped up to the recommend inflation pressure of 15 PSI, and the tough outer skin makes it a good choice if you enjoy paddling with your dog.

HAWK SUP Copacabana Rigidity

HAWK SUP Copacabana with Golden Retriever

Paddling Performance

HAWK SUP’s Copacabana is a fun and stable inflatable paddle board that tracks well in the water despite having only one fin. The board’s 33″ width gives it increased stability, making it a great choice for beginners, SUP fitness, and paddling with pets and small children.

HAWK SUP Inflatable Paddle Board

HAWK SUP Copacabana Tracking

HAWK SUP Copacabana Paddle Board with Dog

We really like the Copacabana’s versatile design, and the board feels nice and stiff under the feet when paddling.

HAWK SUP Copacabana Rating
  • Durability
  • Features
  • Versatility
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Portability
  • Warranty
  • Customer Support
  • Price


Weight24 pounds
Max Capacity325 pounds

What’s Included

HAWK SUP Copacabana Accessories

Included with HAWK SUP’s Copacabana board is a nice bundle of SUP accessories. In the box is everything needed to start paddling, and the quality of the accessories is quite good, especially for a board in this price range.

The Copacabana iSUP comes with a high-quality travel backpack, BRAVO SUP pump, carbon composite paddle, coiled SUP leash, repair kit, and user manual.

Travel Backpack

HAWK SUP Travel Backpack

We really love the fact that the Copacabana comes with a nice travel backpack. Portability is one of the biggest reasons why people choose inflatable SUPs over hard boards, and having a nice carrying bag makes it so much easier to transport, store, and travel with your board.

HAWK SUP Camo Backpack

HAWK SUP has two versions of their iSUP backpack: Camo, and Black. The Yellow board that we reviewed includes a cool camouflage bag, while the Blue and Pink boards come with the Black backpack.

HAWK SUP Camouflage Travel Bag

The front of the backpack features a bold HAWK SUP logo as well as a nice zippered storage pouch which is perfect for stashing your leash, fin, repair kit, and other small accessories.

HAWK SUP Backpack Storage Pocket

Located on both sides of the bag are open mesh storage pockets as well as convenient duffel bag-style carrying handles. The handles can be connected or separated by using the included velcro closure.

HAWK SUP Camo iSUP Backpack

On the back of the bag is another grab handle at the top, as well as two padded backpack straps. The backpack straps are fully adjustable, and there’s an integrated sternum strap for additional stabilization when the bag is fully packed out and on your back. Also, the rear of the bag features a comfortable cushioned back pad.

HAWK SUP Backpack Back

HAWK SUP Backpack Back Cushion

Lastly, the HAWK SUP travel backpack has a nice wide opening with dual zippers, giving you easy access to the bag’s interior. This makes things especially convenient when you’re packing and unpacking the backpack.

HAWK SUP Backpack Zippers


The Copacabana also comes with a high-quality BRAVO dual-action SUP pump. The pump does a good job of inflating the board to 15 PSI, and it features a built-in pressure gauge so you always know exactly how much air is in your board during the inflation process.




Included with the Copacabana is a 3-piece carbon composite travel paddle. The blade on this paddle is a bit smaller than what we typically see in other SUP accessory bundles, but it performed just fine for us on the water.

HAWK SUP Paddle Blade

The bottom of the paddle assembles by lining up the pin with the hole, depressing the pin, and sliding everything into place. Once locked, the paddle is secure and doesn’t twist.

HAWK SUP Travel Paddle

The top part of the paddle is a bit different — after sliding the handle into place, you simply close the locking clasp. This is obviously not as secure as a locking pin setup, but it gives you the ability to make micro adjustments to the handle’s angle and length. If you find that there’s some twist with the upper portion of the paddle, simply tighten the locking clasp’s screws.


We really like the fact that HAWK SUP promotes SUP safety by including a coiled leash with all of their boards. The included leash has a durable color-coded cord, swivels at both ends to prevent tangles, and a comfortable neoprene ankle cuff. There’s supposed to be a hidden key storage pocket integrated into the leash’s ankle cuff, but the factory sewed the pocket shut — an easy fix that we’re sure the company will address.

HAWK SUP Coiled Leash

Repair Kit

Inside of the Copacabana’s orange plastic repair kit canister is a valve wrench and PVC repair patches.

HAWK SUP Repair Kit

User Manual

Last but not least, the company includes a helpful user manual which provides information on care and maintenance, inflation, deflation, fin installation, and warranty coverage.


The HAWK SUP Copacabana 11′ board is covered by a 1 year warranty which covers any and all manufacturing defects.

Likes and Dislikes

As we mentioned, HAWK SUP priced the Copacabana very affordably and the included bundle of SUP accessories adds a lot of value. The board performs quite well in the water and the versatile design really allows you to do a lot with it.

HAWK SUP Copacabana iSUP Nose

For those who are planning to paddle with a pup, the Copacabana is a great option. In addition to the board’s excellent stability, the Copacabana’s bungee cord storage area is positioned a bit further back than most boards. This leaves more open space at the board’s nose for dogs to stand and reduces the risk of your pup getting tangled up in the elastic bungee cord.

HAWK SUP Paddle Board with Dog

We really like the fact that the company offers several different color options, and the yellow version that we reviewed looks beautiful in the water.

As far as negatives go, there are several improvements that we’d love to see made in the future. First of all, the overall fit and finish of this board just isn’t on par with other higher-priced inflatables. The center carry handle definitely needs to be repositioned a bit further back on the board so that it’s more balanced — currently, the tail of the board tends to drag which makes it more difficult to carry. Also, while it’s a small detail, we’d like to see the leash’s key pocket issue addressed.

HAWK SUP Copacabana Handle

Another minor thing that we’d change is the paddle blade branding — currently, the branding is on the backside of the paddle blade instead of the frontside which is the industry standard. This can make things a little confusing if you’re used to grabbing a paddle and paddling it with the graphics facing forward.

HAWK SUP 3-piece Travel Paddle

As we mentioned, we’re also not fond of the way that the elastic bungee cord is secured to the nose of the board. We’d love to see metal D-rings added in the future, as this would be more durable and also provide convenient tie down points if you need to secure dry bags, camping gear, etc.

Last but not least, we’d love to see a longer warranty period offered. With that said, 1 year is understandable given the affordable price point.

Final Thoughts

HAWK SUP Copacabana Inflatable SUP Board

Overall, the HAWK SUP 11′ Copacabana is a nice budget-priced board that offers some solid bang for the buck. The included SUP accessory bundle provides everything you need to start paddling, and the versatile design makes this a board that can pretty much go anywhere and do anything.

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  1. I’m 6’3″ almost 200 lbs. I want an 11′ ft board and I’m intrigued by this board. I’m looking at this one, the Peak expedition, and the Atoll’ 11 (if I can score a deal) I will be planning on taking my dog and I primarily paddle on Lake Michigan in Chicago, so the water can get very choppy. Would this board be a good fit? Lastly I’m a novice paddler. Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

    1. Hi Ross, thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, the Copacabana’s 33″ width gives it good stability and the positioning of the bungee storage area is great for paddling with a dog. This is a nice affordable option that would work well for you I think.

      One other board that I would take a look at is the brand new BLACKFIN Model XL. This is a slightly higher-priced board that is longer and wider (11’6″ x 34″), and it’s faster and even more stable than the Copacabana 11′. The Model XL is a bombproof board that comes with a super nice bundle of accessories (wheeled roller backpack, carbon fiber shaft paddle, and efficient dual-chamber pump) as well as a 2-year warranty — the tradeoff, of course, is that it’s a bit more expensive.

      I hope that’s helpful, Ross. If you have any other questions or need additional recommendations, feel free to ask.

      Happy paddling…

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